Industrial design furniture for more style in your living space

Industrial design furniture industrial furniture

Stylish furniture with industrial design


Today we would like to draw your attention to a certain style - namely the puristic and straightforward industrial design. Have you noticed that the industry look is gaining more and more popularity? That is why we would like to present you interesting furniture and interior design ideas in this style.

First, a few words about its features and advantages.

Features and Special Features of Industrial Design Furniture

Industrial design furniture stool industrial chic furniture

What makes Industrial Design furniture so special?

♦ simple, puristic design, clear and straightforward shapes

♦ reusable materials that come into their own - wood, metal, tubing, etc.

♦ bright colors may occur

♦ The industrial look is easy to combine with other interior design styles and sets meaningful accents.

Robust brick walls are perfectly in line with industrial furniture

Industrial style furniture industrial lamp fog red

 Why should you choose furniture with an industrial look?

♦ because you can use rustic / purist accents

♦ because you like to mix different styles

♦ Because you can build DIY furniture yourself from reusable materials

♦ Because industrial design furniture is currently trendy

♦ because you just stand on it

 Industrial lamps - which shape do you like best?

industrial lamps Industrial chic furniture pendant lights

As we have already mentioned, you can build furniture with an industrial look yourself. "Why is that an advantage?" Some of you may ask. But hobbyists and craftsmen know that DIY furniture is much cheaper. Bottom line - you have a modern piece of furniture for a fair price.

For example, look at the double desk with built-in shelf below. It basically consists of tubes and wooden panels, has a simple design and a practical function.

Work table with shelf built of wood panels and tubes

Industrial style furniture desk worktable shelf

Would you like to learn how to build a clothes rack yourself can?

Industrial design furniture clothes rack make yourself

Is not this a practical bedside table?

Industrial design furniture bedroom bedside stone blocks

 Wall shelf for magazines 

Industrial style furniture wall shelf for magazines

Furnishing ideas in industrial style

Industrial style furniture dining room industrial lamp dining table

Furnish living-dining room or study in industrial style

If you not only want to use "industrial" accents, but want to furnish a room completely in this style, you need several Industrial design furniture. Of course, these should be combined tastefully. Above you can see a good example of this. Wood and metal are fabulously combined. There are three typical elements of industrial design - wood floors, brick walls (painted white here) and unseen metal pipes on the wall. The furniture is simple and fits together well.

With the pictures below we would like to introduce you to original industrial lamps. Look at this. Maybe you will like one of them very much.

Industrial lamps - interesting models

Industrial design furniture industrial lamps table lamp

Table lamp with retro accent

Industrial design furniture industrial lamp table lamp

An old fan turned into an industrial lamp

Industrial design furniture industrial lamp table lamp fan

DIY lamp made of tubes

Industrial lamps Industrial chic furniture floor lamps floor lamp

 With two bulbs

Industrial lamps Industrial design furniture floor lamp

Wooden stand with lightbulb

industrial lamps Industrial design furniture floor lamp industiallampe

This is our favorite

industrial lamps Industrial design furniture floor lamp with clock

Plain and simple

industrial lamps Industrial Design Furniture floor lamp build yourself

 Adjustable pendant light

Industrial lamps Industrial chic furniture pendant lamp height adjustable

 Simple pendant lights with old toasted lampshades

industrial lamps Industrial chic Furniture pendant lamps dining room

Pendant lamps without lampshade, only with metal frame. This model can also be in color

Industrial lamps Industrial design furniture wall clock metal chain

Is this a lamp or a spotlight?

industrial lamps Industrial style furniture hanging lamp

 Homemade car for firewood on wheels - a very clever idea

Industrial design furniture firewood trolley on rolls

 Build a shoe rack yourself

Industrial design furniture shoe rack self build pipes wood

Portable serving trolley with glasses and bottles on it

Industrial design furniture serving trolley side table rustic

Dining table - build the table legs out of tubes

Industrial design furniture table itself build tube

This wall clock with bicycle chain is certainly one of the original Industrial Design furniture

Industrial design furniture wall clock metal chain

What a coffee table ?! The old worn leather furniture fits perfectly

Industrial design furniture living room coffee table

Bookcase made of tubes - it seems to work

Industrial design furniture bookshelf itself build pipes

Another prime example of an industrially furnished room

Industrial style furniture industrial lamps diy furniture coffee table

Like in an old factory - maybe we can describe the style like that

Industrial style furniture industrial lamps furniture

 Dining table with built-in chairs and a lot of simple pendant lights 

Industrial design furniture dining table with chairs

This corner table looks really stable

Industrial style furniture desk ecktisch build yourself

You will not find such a table in the furniture shop. Be creative!

Industrial design furniture diy dining table chairs

You can either build or buy industrial design furniture yourself. Those of you who will not do the first one can browse the following online stores: