Dutch furniture and its typical environment

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Dutch furniture - What makes them special?

The Dutch furniture belong to these pieces in the equipment, which are characterized by simplicity. At first glance, they were more likely to fail in the classification of modern equipment. But who thinks like that, overlooks a lot. For the integration of ancient styles in modern equipment is one of the modern strategy of how to achieve an eclectic appearance.

If you are also interested, you should definitely get to know the hallmarks of Dutch furniture.

Wooden floor and blue sofa

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Leather sofa in Dutch style

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The coloring

The color scheme of Dutch furniture is close to nature in the traditional sense of the word. This means that one likes to bet on the neutral colors and those of the wood and the earth. There are also yellow and blue. The latter are also part of the modern understanding of near-natural room design. So they can be considered as the connecting element in your eclectic decor.

Living room with a rustic look

dutch furniture rustic coffee table fireplace

Attractive interior solution

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The typical environment for Dutch Furniture

As materials, ceramics, bare tiles and wood are the first places in the right materials. Natural stone and glass are also essential if you want to achieve an authentic look. It is also typical to provide the walls with a coarse grain plaster. Decorative bricks are also often preferred. This type of wall design would be the perfect background for Dutch Furniture, if you want to achieve a seamless look in this style.

 Vintage style

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The floor is mostly made of wood or stone slabs. Ceilings are decorated with special strips. They imitate load-bearing constructions. It should be done best in the nuance of the soil. The windows are usually divorced in nine parts by thin dividers. Matching are the showcases and the stained glass. Heavy curtains are absolutely not fitting in the context of this style. Because they are always super clean and beautifully decorated. This must be strong through fine window coverings to advantage. As you know, through the Dutch windows you can see everything that happens in the room.

Now we come to the Dutch furniture

For a long time there was talk about the equipment, but it is also a matter of course, because this represents the context for the furniture and its correct perception. The Dutch furniture has been created from wood, leather or other natural textures. Typical attributes for the room is the large closet. It has a lot of small and large doors. The mostly classic appearance reminds a bit of medieval castles. They are beautifully carved and there you bring with pleasure beautiful porcelain dishes.

White cupboard and green armchair

furniture design dutch photograf Holly Marder

Fresh yellow sofa as an accent

living room yellow sofa rustic table

 Furniture design by Louis van Teeffelen

dutch furniture chairs Louis van Teeffelen

Dutch living room furniture with fireplace

dutch furniture design living room fireplace

The fireplace is very often covered with nasty. This completes the interior design in a wonderful way. Wonderful wicker chairs and tables can also be placed in the dining room and in the kitchen.


Of course, in a traditional setting you would also find great works by Flemish masters. Whether it would also be a good idea in a modernized or eclectic room, you would have to decide for yourself. In all cases, however, the accessories play an essential role. Vases, plates, bowls, which correspond well with the rest of the environment, would have to be considered in any case.

A comfortable ambience

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Chair with side tables - a nice relaxing corner

dutch furniture Holly Marder design

White decor and red carpet

dutch furniture furniture design white red carpet

Simple living room interior

dutch furniture living room interior

Bright wooden floor and white wall paint

living room set up dutch furniture plant wooden floor

Revive the interior with plants

living room furniture design dutch style fireplace