The right laundry basket in the laundry room – clever interior design ideas

laundry basket rattan furnishing tips laundry room set up ideas

No place for the laundry basket? 5 quick ways to get more space in the washroom

Whether you need to wash in a compact or large room, you will need more and more space. That's the rule. At some point the laundry basket or something else just does not fit in anymore. Do not let the mood and happiness in life spoil you.

Because you just need a little bit of creativity and maybe some time at the weekend to get everything under control.

Set up the laundry room and choose a practical and aesthetic laundry basket

diy projects laundry bag made of fabric itself sew laundry room set up

Promise: The tricks we'll point out to you this time would make washing easier and more enjoyable.

 Laundry baskets made of fabric

diy projects laundry bag made of fabric itself sew black white laundry set up

Geometric patterns and smart colors

laundry bag made of fabric itself sew geometric pattern laundry room set up

Drying rack on the wall

You have a niche or other unused wall space in the room somewhere and you can not decide whether to place a drying rack or laundry basket there? You could do both at the same time, even if you position the clothes rack on the wall. Below that, you can easily put something else.

A clothes horse directly on the wall saves space

Laundry basket wood mounted on the wall mounted laundry room

Install the ironing board somewhere

Instead of using a portable ironing board, you could put one on a surface that is otherwise unused. It could be over the washing machine, or over a washing shelf.

Laundry baskets with ironing board

Laundry basket wood rack on rolls to set up laundry room

Place for different little things

Do you often lose socks while washing? We somehow all know the problem, right? This is a small thing that you would usually laugh about. But for some reason we all find them super annoying, right? Once the second sock has appeared, you can not remember where the first one is ... And so the vicious circle goes on forever. Put up a board where you hang up the "lonely" socks until you have not found the second half at some point.

Lost socks

Set up lost socks on the wall laundry room

Cabinets under the electrical appliances

Do you find it annoying that so much unused space remains over the wide electrical appliances? Then you put underneath cupboards, which also offer a storage opportunity. Such an approach can also be applied elsewhere in the room.

Clever kept

practical laundry basket wood cabinet drawers laundry room set up

Mobile and flexible solutions

Any kind of shelves, drawers, racks that move on wheels or can be opened and closed are useful for convenient home care. The laundry basket on wheels can be easily moved back and forth. For that you will be thankful if you have to insert the new load of clothes.

Colorful ideas in oriental style

colorful laundry basket knitted laundry room set up

Laundry baskets made of fabric with handles

     Laundry bag made of fabric sewing laundry room set up

Laundry basket with bamboo frame

  laundry basket bamboo frame fabric laundry room set up

 Stylish and super practical

laundry basket bamboo frame and fabric furnishing tips

 Patchwork ideas

laundry bag knitted storage facilities laundry room set up

 DIY Projects - Sewing laundry bag yourself 

Laundry bag made of fabric itself sew fish laundry set up

Easy to transport on wheels

Set up laundry basket on rolls of laundry room

Foldable and space saving

  Laundry basket wood frame fabric laundry room set up

 Special wooden cabinet with 3 compartments for laundry sorting 

laundry basket wood cabinet laundry room set up

 Practical laundry room

laundry basket wood laundry room set up built in wardrobes

 Metal buckets on wheels

Set up laundry basket of metal waste on rolls of laundry room

Furnishing ideas made of wood and rattan

   laundry ratta hantuch ladder laundry room set up

 Such a rattan basket can also be found in the bedroom

Laundry basket rattan in the bedroom bedroom ideas

Chic paintings in white

 laundry basket pasture half painted white laundry set up

 A rattan laundry basket and a small one for the dirty towels

Laundry Basket Pasture Laundry Room Set Up Bathroom Ideas

 So cozy you can also set up your laundry

sort laundry, set up laundry

10 different laundry baskets that can spice up your washroom

 Laundry basket rattan set up different types of laundry room

 Colorfull stripe pattern

Laundry basket fabric stripe pattern Laundry room set up

Laundry basket made of plastic

Laundry Basket Set up plastic laundry room