Ikea kitchen furniture gives the modern kitchen a refined look

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New stylish designs at the Ikea kitchen furniture



Ikea kitchen furniture is a good basis for the furnishings in terms of functionality. In addition, the company struggles to constantly improve their design. Ikea kitchen furniture must be both nice and priced to be accessible to the average user.

Ikea kitchen furniture

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Stylish kitchen cabinets from Ikea

ikea-kitchen furniture-modern-establishment of ideas kitchen

For this reason, Ikea decided to enter into cooperations with three design companies. Within this collaboration they had the task to make the classic white Ikea kitchen furniture look more stylish.

IKEA in cooperation with …

ikea-kitchen furniture-modern-establishment of ideas kitchen cabinets

BIG kitchens are found in white and oak

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Ikea kitchen furniture design by BjarkeIngels Group

The main idea was to redesign the handles of the cabinet door. They look like belt closures. The BIG kitchens are in white and oak. At the surfaces and at the sink, designers mixed different materials.

Among them are the Norm Architects Ikea kitchen furniture

ikea-kitchen furniture-modern-establishment ideas-stylish-kitchen furniture

Kitchen furniture with minimalist look

ikea-kitchen furniture-modern-ikea-kitchen-kitchen work surface

Modern kitchen cabinets without handles

ikea-kitchen furniture-establishment ideas-modern-kitchen-kitchen cupboards

Norm Architects Ikea kitchen furniture

The designers of the company Norm Architects awarded the Ikea kitchen furniture minimalist look. There are no handles and a dark surface. The models we consider particularly suitable for open living plans. You do not look much different than the usual home furniture.

The Ikea kitchen furniture by Norm Architects are available in four different materials: fiber concrete, red brass (machine bronze), oak lumber, smoked oak.

Basic kitchen furniture for Ikea 

ikea-kitchen furniture-modern-establishment ideas-kitchen-wood credenza and white

Sophisticated elegance in the kitchen

ikea-kitchen furniture-kitchen-design-kitchen work surface

Simplicity in the lines

ikea-kitchen furniture-kitchen-design-drawer-without-handle

Subtle color accents

ikea-kitchen furniture-kitchen-cabinet under-stylish-wood and white

Base Ikea kitchen furniture

This line of the designers of the Ikea kitchen furniture exhibits the most simplicity in the line management. There are two different editions. One follows the 1960 trend in the Scandinavian furniture tradition. The other is much more modern and has streamlined lines.

Henning Larsen’s architect in collaboration with Ikea

ikea-kitchen furniture-modern-ikea-kitchen-kitchen furniture

Simple elegant design in white

ikea-kitchen furniture-modern-ikea-kitchen-kitchen cupboards and white

Henning Larsen’s architect

The third line of Ikea designer kitchen furniture is the work of Henning Larsen Architects. In this, the link to Scandinavian designs and traditions is most evident. Everything looks very simple. They immediately realize that simple kitchens and their details were a great inspiration.

The Ikea kitchen furniture is available in two different variations. They offer two different combinations of materials. In one case you buy the furniture in oak veneer with a copper band. In the other variant, the furniture has been executed in white or black. They still have a stainless steel band in the same color.

Kitchen sink in industrial style

ikea-kitchen furniture-modern-ikea-kitchen-sink-work surface

Oak wood with chic copper accents

ikea-kitchen furniture-modern-ikea-kitchen-wood-details

Scandinavian designs and tradition

ikea-kitchen furniture-modern-ikea-kitchen-kitchen work surface-wood