Hanging lounger swing rest for luxurious lounging and more comfort

hanging lounger around and comfortable to relax

Hanging lounger swing rest for luxurious lounging

 The Swingrest hanging lounger by Dedon brings a new luscious meaning to the term "hang around". A successor to the company's iconic Nest Lounger, this swing has a natural, basket-like woven base that is attached to an elegant suspension mechanism.

Like its predecessor, this lounger is nest-shaped - round and organic, her house is surrounded by trees, her surroundings are nature. Swing rest can be hung either on the patio, the porch or a tall tree branch, hovering over the water's edge. There is a stylish range of upholstery and pillows - from acrylic, polyester or imitation leather, available in many colors and patterns. This work by Daniel Pouzet is one of the first products seen by Dedon Island, a company for outdoor living concepts, based in Siargao, Philippines. Additional information can be found on the Dedon website.

For a perfect chill out weekend

hanging lounger with soft upholstery and many pillows

Do you have a swing in the courtyard? Would you exchange them with Swingrest? Tell us in a comment below.

After swimming, enjoy nature at the lake

great hanging bed after swimming enjoy the fresh air

Sophisticated pear shape in snow white

  hanging lounger swingrest in white pear-shaped

In the warmth of the last rays of sunshine in the evening

hanging great sunbed in the afternoon sun

Clever braided from light wood

Great hanging bed skillfully woven very tastefully

Swinging and dreaming over the lake

hanging great lounger very romantic above the water

Very comfortable and cuddly even as a conventional sofa

hanging lounger also with ground function

With a great sea panorama

Hanging over the sea in the sun

Beautiful and stylish for your home

hanging great lounger round sleep sofa

A cozy ambience with a tropical touch

hanging great lounger tropical ambience with many plants and butterflies