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How to arrange the furniture in the living room

Take advantage of the next expert tips and create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere by carefully selecting your furniture.

You can also design the living room as a social hut. There are both family nights and joint book readings.

That's why it pays to invest a lot of effort in the proper placement of the furniture, so that the room feels really inviting at the end. No matter how attractive a living room is, you can feel uncomfortable there. Do you know the feeling: you feel like being "glued" to the walls like a magical force?

 elegant living room furniture

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Rather, you should bring the seats close to each other, so that everyone is close to each other and everyone can talk comfortably.

Where should this group be positioned from seats? This is related to the center of gravity you choose. In some rooms, this space is architecturally, such as the fireplaces and a group of windows and others this is the TV.

Once you have placed these pieces, orient the rest of the furniture on them.

Cosiness and comfort in the living room - sky-blue accents

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You and your approach to the center of gravity of your room determine the way furniture is distributed in your living room. Most of us have a sofa and one or two chairs that you can put into action if you want. If you try different ways of arranging, leave enough space to the corners of the room. This way, guests can slip themselves to position themselves perfectly to their own standards.

Modular, geometric lines and shapes - wall shelves

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The basic and functional pieces of furniture should be placed opposite the pivot. You should again determine the direction of the remaining seats. So everyone would have an equally good view of the television or the fireplace. When organizing a conversation, you can create a conversation circle by adding some stools or seat cushions. These should be directed towards the sofa.

White lounge chair of leather

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Going through

Do you have a room with multiple accesses? Draw an imaginary line between the various openings that extends from one end to the other. So you can create a straight line between the different pieces of furniture.

The dynamic design keeps the center of gravity in mind, but also gives people an orientation in the room. In this way, you can block the corners of the room and store many items there. There you can, for example, have the children's toys within reach and at the same time hide them from sight.

Beige color scheme in the living room

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Around the corner

Does the sectional sofa represent the headquarters in your room? You may want to move it around the wall to leave more space. But this will contribute to a claustrophobic feeling for the people sitting in the furthest corners.

Pull them away from the wall for air and light to get around it. Place an illuminating lamp and a bedside table behind it and place more seats to reach an L shape.

Classic interior - extravagant furniture

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The classical symmetry

Eye in eye positioning is a classic choice. So you can position a sofa or a sofa and two chairs next to each other. The focus would then be on one end. Such positioning of the chairs facilitates conversation and no one has a direct view of the fulcrum of the room.

This is important when actions like reading, working on the PC and listening to music are as important as watching television.

Now you have the classic frame design of the living room in mind. How would you bring your personal needs into this framework?

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Brilliant modern furniture set in yellow

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