Build bookshelves yourself – house library in every room

shelves build your own house library attic roof pitch

8 very interesting ways to stash books

Many of us like to read. This very relaxing work helps us to free ourselves from everyday stress. When reading, you can forget a bit of your own problems. Furthermore, you can put yourself in a fantastic world, and experience the world again as an exciting and interesting place.

But so that you can really enjoy the whole thing, you have to take care of a few things.

First you have to keep the books in the right place. Here are some very unusual variations for you.

Build bookshelves yourself

The kitchen

bookshelves house library loft kitchen cupboard

Very often you bring the books to special places, such as cellars or storage areas. But that need not be. Kitchen walls, which leave a lot of space, can serve the same purpose. One has here to use the kitchen island and the shelf walls.

  1. window

bookshelves build house library attic bright daylight

Even in the small room you can find space to accommodate your own books. You just have to use the space around the windows effectively. Some simply do this with the help of a few shelving units. Others, on the other hand, use the space as much as possible and even use sideways cabinets.

To ensure that the books are always within reach, you can make a corner with soft cushions. In order for the book to be in a place that is easy to grip, you should install shelves on all sides.

  1. Windowsill and underlying storage area

books build your own house library window

See here only how many functions you have united!

You have a great window sill where you can lean on and lots of storage space underneath

house library build yourself attic wooden beam glass wall

Soft furniture

build house library sustainable rustic

Nowadays, there are many different types of multifunctional furniture in the shops. They meet the most diverse needs and tastes of customers.

Special beds like this one make it possible to read books before you sleep

bookshelves build house library bedroom

  1. attic

house library attic book shelves build your own pitch

By shelf units like this one can get along wonderfully in small Rämlichkeiten like these here. In penthouses with empty walls, you can stock shelving units like these in a great way.

  1. Behind the sofa

Bookshelves build your own house library attic dark wood

It is not only effective to store behind sofas, but also in installed niches. However, if you do not have much space, you prefer the first solution.

  1. In large premises

Bookshelves build their own house library attic stairs

In an apartment with an open floor plan like this one can divide the different zones. Not very large pieces of furniture like this one serve this purpose.

  1. There, where there is no space at all

Bookshelves build your own house library attic child friendly

Even in such cases you will find room for books

bookshelves build your own house library attic wall

Just stow them behind the bed, in the bed or on the side of the cabinet. Here, the books pep up the atmosphere with their colors super great!