Designer shower in the bathroom – great experience

Stylish shower fantini rubinetti showering head spray

Designer shower by Fantini Rubinetti

ACQUA ZONE is a designer shower by the Italian design studio Fantini Rubinetti, which offers maximum pleasure while showering. His designer Franco Sargiani has thought of every detail. He designed the shower to be simple and simple - with a minimalist, clean look. The overhead shower is in the form of a square (53 x 53 cm) and is mounted on the ceiling.

The inspiration for this comes from nature. This fabulous shower not only plays with water, but also with color and light. The colors of the rainbow and the lighting create a magical atmosphere, accompanied by a pleasant spray of your choice. You can choose between three options - fine drizzle, powerful downpour or pleasant waterfall. Treat yourself to great showering.

Designer shower - enjoy moments of relaxation in the bathroom

stylish shower fantini rubinetti yellow experience head shower

 3 in 1 - water, light and color - magical atmosphere and great experience

designer shower fantini rubinetti rain head shower

Inspiration: Waterfall

designer shower fantini rubinetti waterfall experience

Customize every time

designer shower fantini rubinetti waterfall head shower

Fine drizzle

designer shower fantini rubinetti rain experience head shower

Fine drizzle in yellow for more energy

designer shower fantini rubinetti rain light color overhead shower