Modern sideboards and chests of drawers

Modern sideboard designs - I offer you five great examples


The sideboards have more than one purpose. Not only are they meant to be used for items that otherwise have no room. They also serve the purpose of creating more space and completing the otherwise unfinished look. It used to be useful piece of furniture and today it is much more of an extra. Do we want to look at a few modern features of this piece of furniture?

Think of handles, which are an integral part of the design. Based on the displayed examples, we see how the sideboards take the right place, which otherwise would not appear too spiced up. You can then equip them in any color and bring in the right dimensions. This is a great claim created with total simplicity.

Modern sideboards and chests of drawers

white gloss dresser sideboards yellow wall design


black wall design commode carpet dining room dining table wood

Do not get lost by the name. This example is not here to shadow all else, but serves to make the room look beautiful. His not robust character hides a touch of modern life. Contributing to this are the strategic role drawings and the pedestal.

White high gloss

white glossy sideboard living room


beige dresser sideboard painting wall design mirror

Here we are dealing with a clean and at the same time transparent look. The sideboard elements serve more than one purpose here. Interested, right? It also has a mirror - so dazzling is its surface. You have a room in which all the beautiful things of life are. Everywhere in this room and no matter from which angle you look at it, everything is gleaming and magnificent. The sideboard here serves as a decorative accessory that goes far beyond the traditional teak variants.

Pale beige color

sliding doors dresser kitchen storage bin


dark ambiente living room glass cabinet wood dresser

Who says you can not turn the kitchen into a dining area? Do that and create a space where you really give free rein to your culinary passion. Doors with straight panels and surfaces are the legacy from another stage of our lives. In such a room, as adults we can exchange our favorite things. I mean the things we like to eat, drink and so on. This trend can be called Metropolis.

Open space

open plan dresser sideboards wall unit


floor lamp living room wall unit dresser exhibit

Robust ambience

dresser sidebaord wood table lamp white window

Sideboards do not have to be brought in later in the room. They should not be set up quickly or be an addition to the table. Skateboards are welcome pieces of furniture, which must be considered with special respect in the planning of the equipment. Is there anything better than furniture that gives you more benefits and advantages than you originally expected? With this sideboard we have exactly this case. It has both a cavity and a robust support. The whole thing was created with integral beauty. Each sideboard plays a vital role in transforming a building into a home. Amelie strongly illustrates the importance of this piece of furniture. Because what once served as a means of serving food gives the modern display of the same a modern flair.

Metallic accents

modern sideboards and wood chests of drawers

Playful color combination and geometric lines

modern dresser wood solid blue wall design

Open shelves

Modern sideboards and solid wood chests of drawers

Objective design

solid wood elegance white Modern sideboards and chests of drawers

Carved wood

modern dresser sideboards wood solid window

White and money combined

modern dresser sideboards wood solid yellow white

Sliding doors and solid wood

Modern sideboards and chests of drawers solid wood classic

Several notable deco items

Modern sideboards and chests of wood solid lacquered

Purple circles as a decoration

Modern sideboards and chests of drawers industrial style

Stackable construction - extra storage space

Modern sideboards and chests of wood massive practically dark

Turquoise color - light and dark shades

modern dresser sideboards wood solid turquoise color

Bright yellow and warm brown - sunny look

modern dresser sideboards solid wood warm yellowWhite, smooth surface

Modern sideboards and chests of wood solid white surface