Exceptional furniture – Fallen table made of cardboard

designer furniture refold table

Extraordinary furniture - a cardboard table that's portable, eco-friendly and sturdy enough to carry an adult

Fascinate extraordinary furniture Designs? Do you own such in your home? In this article we want to introduce you to a whimsical designer table.

Designers from New Zealand have created this table made of cardboard paper called Refold. They claim he has skills like flexibility and reusability. It is also collapsible, easy to transport and financially affordable. Is not that great? Take a look at the pictures below to get to know this fancy table. We are sure that you like this design if you are a practical guy!

The three transformation possibilities of the table

extraordinary furniture table seat

This should be a solid table!

extraordinary furniture table fixed

Easy and comfortable to wear, right?

extraordinary furniture transportable table

Constructed by Fraser Callaway, Oliver Ward and Matt Innes, this table can stand the weight of an adult. This is amazing considering the fact that its weight is only 6.5 kg! What do you mean by that? The transformations that this table can take are several: it can be lower or higher, or very short, so it is easily transported. The high position proves to be particularly important; It is well known that sitting for a long time is unhealthy.

You could use this table both standing and sitting

extraordinary furniture table work table

The table is even cheap!

extraordinary furniture table design

Design from cardboard paper

designer furniture easily transportable

Here you can see another variation of the table design. This is a bit more colorful and attractive

designer tables cardboard paper decoration

If it works, does it look like a suitcase, do not you think?

designer tables refold table

You may also find more information on Kickstarter if the article has caught your interest.