Camping made easy with the camping tent for Audi Q3

camping tent audi Q3 tdi quattro

Inflatable Camping Tent for Audi Q3


Often we present on our homepage fabulous designer ideas from the Apennine peninsula. Of course, we are fascinated by Italian design. But when it comes to technology and automotive engineering, we Germans have some aces up their sleeve. Today we are talking about the impressive cooperation between the automaker Audi and Heimplanet, a small company for camping equipment, also from Germany.

Take a look at this at the Wörthersee meeting 2014 presented Camping tent for Audi Q3.

Heimplanet and Audi in collaboration

Heimplanet camping tents Audi Q3

Experienced campers will surely appreciate this easily and quickly inflatable tent. And all Audi Q3 owners can benefit immediately. Camping is not like it used to be. Comfort and simplicity are the order of the day. Safety plays an important role here. Audi Q3 Camping tent is wind stable (up to the wind speed of 70 km / h) and very practical. It is light, compact, quick inflatable and offers a lot of sleeping space. Designed specifically for the SUV Audi model Q3, the tent is attached to the open tailgate of the car. Nevertheless, it can also work as a freestanding.

“Vorsprung durch Technik” … and design

camping tent for suv audi Q3 quattro

Take a look at the Audi presentation and enjoy your summer vacation in the open air!

Camping with Audi Q3 Quattro means Safety and comfort

Other inflatable tents from Heimplanet

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Tents in style

home planet camping tent audi Q3

Modern camping equipment

Audi Q3 camping tent designer outdoor furniture

Great design with practical use

camping tent audi camping outdoor furniture

Put on German quality

inflatable tents camping tents home planet audi Q3

Audi Camping tent also as a freestanding

camping tent audi Q3 designer tents from home planet

Inflatable tent with sturdy structure and clever design

inflatable tent designer tents home planet audi Q3

Collect outdoor experience with Audi

camping tents home planet audi Q3 inflatable tents

Take the feeling of luxury with you into the great outdoors

home planet audi Q3 suv camping equipment inflatable tent

Picture source – Audi