Cabinet under stairs and other solutions as they provide more storage space

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Cupboard under stairs and other functional ideas as you acquire more storage space under the stairs

Many floorboards and open living plans have a staircase. Under the stairs usually remains free space that could be exploited for various purposes. Wonder what you do with the empty space under the stairs?

There are several solutions for this, each of which is characterized by originality and functionality. But we are focusing your attention on a single option, namely how to include a wardrobe in the stairwell. What you then use this for is your own business. How does this idea sound to you? Quite functional and compact, right? If you have one Cupboard under stairs Consider drawing ideas from our treasury and creating additional storage space in your home!

Design the small apartment with a functional staircase

staircase design ideas living room staircase drawers

Drawers and open shelves under the stairs offer additional space

staircase design creative living room cupboards open shelves

If you are looking for creative living ideas, just look around! You would be surprised what you can think of. These could be realized anywhere in your home. Even in places you hardly ever thought of! The interior design of some houses offers several ways to use them. We mean the room under the stairwell. Of course you could hide a large part of the stuff under the stairs in the hall, in the kitchen or in the living room.

Keep the wine bottles under the stairs

cupboard under stairs wine bottles keep beautiful living ideas

Turn the steps into drawers

staircase design drawers creative living ideas

Drawers everywhere

staircase design functional solution drawers

This staircase looks minimalist

staircase make bin under stairs beautiful living ideas

In small areas you can compensate for the lack of space by smart ideas. We welcome every opportunity that arises to create more storage space. Of the Cupboard under stairs and the stairwell with drawers are those. Why just leave this area so empty, if you can make the interior design more compact by their functional transformation? In small rooms one appreciates such practical ideas very much.

Find space for many items under the stairs

staircase design storage cabinet integrate

Stylish staircase with drawers

cabinet under stair drawers to create bin

Arrange the shoes in drawers under the stairs

cupboard under stair room exploit living ideas

So it would be good if you think about how to design your staircase, how to make it more functional. In this way, you partially relieve the interior and make for an attractive interior design.

Design the staircase, which makes the hall more functional

cupboard under stairs white beautiful living ideas

Create more storage space for the kitchen

staircase design more storage space create ideas

Staircase with open shelves

staircase shape open cabinets storage space

Stylish and functional at the same time, this staircase looks great

cabinet under stairs drawers glass staircase railing carpet

If you do not have enough space for your shoes, be creative and design a staircase with shoe drawers

cabinet under staircase shoes store stairwell corridor