Steampunk interior design ideas: from cool to crazy

Steampunk design ideas bathroom toilet original style

Steampunk interior design ideas: from cool to crazy

What do you think of Steampunk? What comes to your mind is perhaps just a cosplay chick in a leather corset and hoop skirt, with aviator goggles and an old-style barrel pistol. The Steampunk concept is new and heavy, but it oozes in design more and more, with amazing and original results.

Trying to define steampunk would be a mix of elegance and machines. In interior design, we would find fine decoration in the Gothic-Victorian language (as in Tess d'Urberville or Sherlock Holmes) and some industrial repertoires: Gothic fashion and the Industrial Revolution wrapped up in a practical package of stunning design.

Here are some interior designs that celebrate Steampunk

Steampunk interior design ideas sofas tables dark leather

The elements of this elusive and beautiful language are pipes, copper finish, precious stencil wall paper, clock in the internal machinery and light bulb, technology of19. Century with a tribute to the invention era.

Be prepared to love rusty metal and mechanical devices, as well as plumbing elements. Steampunk celebrates the inner workings of technology. Here a fireplace in rough industrial processing, adds eccentricity to an otherwise conventional living room.

Think of the Victorian stations and their steel structures with elegant and elaborate decorative details, certificates of technology and art making

Steampunk interior design ideas armchair leather table solid wood

Some of this intriguing blend can be found in this kitchen hardware and fine metallic details make it an elegant cooking lab.

Bathtub with a shiny surface

Steampunk interior design ideas bathroom rustic bathtub splendid

Original wall design in the kitchen

Steampunk interior design ideas kitchen countertop hotplate sink

In addition to all kinds of partially polished and processed metal, brick, rough finished wood - all of them worthy materials with history, personality and patina - you will find incandescent as another key feature of the Steampunk design. Not only is the light bulb the symbol of the invention and great ideas since Thomas Edison, she also looks neat in her pure form, hiding her raw firepower without shadows or a decorative object.

Eccentric device in the bathroom

Steampunk interior design ideas sink bathroom mirror

Bathroom design - industrial and rustic at the same time

Steampunk interior design ideas extravagant sink round bathroom

For the scientists, a Nixie watch that works on the same principle of physics would be a cool interior.

A design enthusiast went full steampunk decorating his apartment in Chelsea, New York, which hit the headlines

Steampunk interior design ideas decoration original

With a base made of exposed concrete walls and stainless steel furniture and burlesque fancy, the steampunk additions necessitating the remodeling of the apartment bring some adjustment to absurdity and eccentricity, but this is their charm.

Wheels of copper and steel as wall decoration, old wood furniture with a fine patina, the accent elegant and intricate buttons, motors, work as art installations and a giant plastic zeppelin crown the living room, which seems to be a project of the Wizard of Oz or portrayed to a scifi engineer from the past.

Also notice the clever and sophisticated accent lighting along this eccentric art exhibit of a house

Steampunk interior design ideas sink kitchen lighting

Always an underground trend, Steampunk can thrive in its most absurd forms, but often enough, original design ideas can inspire us to add some magic and science to an eclectic home.

        Home Office Design - Steampunk Accents

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Kitchen design - Steampunk setup

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