Corner cupboard and other corner furniture or how to make the most of the tricky places

corner cabinet ideas wardrobe practically space-saving

Corner cupboard and corner furniture are a good strategy to make the space functional

This article is about the tricky spots and especially about the corners in our home. Take a look around! Most are certainly free. Let's bet that there is enough space on the adjacent walls to install different types of corner furniture!

Are you curious how this works? Then stay tuned! Here are some ideas!

In small rooms, functional solutions are sometimes urgent

corner bench small dining room design white dining table around plant

The open wall shelves are very well integrated into the whole living room concept

Corner shelves living room brown furniture plant


This is the first, especially practical variant. You can store many clothes and other items in it. If placed correctly, then the offers Corner just as much space as other cabinets. Pull one Corner with sliding doors. This variant is particularly functional.

Elegant corner wardrobe in the bedroom

corner wardrobe bedroom mirror mirror carpet

Bathroom cabinet in the corner

corner cabinet bathroom fashion washbasin pale yellow wall paint

Make the most of the space in the kitchen

corner cupboard ideas kitchen green drawers decoration

Corner kitchen cabinet saves space and offers a large storage space

corner kitchen symmetrical kitchenware kitchenware

Interesting kitchen cabinets

corner kitchen kitchen furniture dark floor tiles kitchen ideas storage space


This idea is surprisingly rarely used. It may be that some people just feel uncomfortable sitting in the corner. For occasional use, it should not be a problem, right? Such a corner work table can also serve as a storage and decorative surface, if you do not work on it.

Corner desk for the home office

corner table corner office home office light gray wall paint

Corner shelves

You have an incredible selection of corner shelves in the market. They are oval, angular and can have many more unusual shapes. Corner shelves are very popular. In a small room, it is best to occupy the whole area from floor to ceiling. So you do not fragment the room. Incidentally, the same applies to the corner cabinets.

Open wall shelves in the corner of the living room

corner shelves open light green wall paint white curtains living room design

Kitchen with open wall shelves

Corner kitchen open white wall tiles plant

Turntable in the kitchen

The corner in the kitchen provides the perfect space for a turnstile. Such a facilitates accessibility to these sites. The same idea could be wonderfully used in many bathroom furnishings.

corner table

Corner table fits wonderfully in the small kitchen. As a rule, two people sit comfortably at such a table. He does not take up too much space. Corner tables are often foldable. That makes them all the more ergonomic.

Functional side table with drawer

corner table drawer deco vases creative living ideas

In the living room corner tables serve wonderful as a storage area next to upholstered furniture. There you can store drinks, newspapers, magazines.

Corner niches with lighting

These corner niches with built-in lighting are particularly suitable for dark rooms. They also brighten up and make them more comfortable. In addition, a niche can serve as an accent in the room.

Corner sink or washbasin

In more and more kitchens and bathrooms are successful corner sinks and sinks. With good planning, they are convenient to use and leave you plenty of space.

Modern sink in the bathroom saves space and makes the bathroom look attractive

corner sink glass bathroom bathroom tile brown

Modern solution, how to make good use of the space in the bathroom

corner sink modern bathroom dark walls wall mirror


Did you think about sitting areas? There are many such to buy. It pays to have them made to measure.

Leather seating area for the kitchen

corner bench small dining room design leather bench table decoration flowers

Modern corner seat in the small dining room

corner bench small dining room design white table window decoration

Open shelving system in the corner

corner cabinet open shelves ikea books arrange floor vase

Yellow leather corner sofa - functional and chic at the same time

corner bench corner sofa yellow leather functional brown carpet living room design

Elegant gray corner sofa for the modern living room

corner bench corner sofa gray modern living room design side table

Choose a matching coffee table for the corner sofa

corner bench corner sofa living room cool coffee table fancy carpet

Cozy dining area with corner seat design

corner bench dining area shape light blue wall paint

corner bench dining room design built-in ceiling lights brown esstiscch

corner bench breakfast corner dining area fashion table decoration white wall paint

corner bench pale yellow orange chairs light gray carpet eating area

corner wardrobe nursery wardrobe yellow accents round rugs open shelves

corner bench kitchen colored throw pillow light green wall paint

corner bench kitchen design ideas corner cupboard carpet

corner shelves nursery decorate colored curtains light gray wall paint

corner shelves open kitchen design ideas white kitchen furniture

Corner shelves open space save armchairs creative living ideas

Corner ideas open shelves dressing room drawers dresses shoes

corner cabinet ideas practically space save carpet open shelves drawers

corner kitchen white white wall paint dark working surface

corner table corner office home office plant

corner table functional light green wall color window decoration flower pot

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Corner desks creative living room carpet

corner sink bathroom sink bathroom tile

corner sink bathroom ideas small bathroom bright walls bathroom

corner sink bathroom ideas mild wall paint

corner sink bathroom cabinet design bathroom tiles stark accents

corner sink white white bathroom shape bathroom furniture

corner sink bathroom set up wall tile bathroom

Corner shelves open creative living ideas light yellow wall

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