Create additional storage space – 15 clever storage tips

additional bin create neon bird bird bookshelves

Create additional storage space

Even if you're convinced there's no room for your belongings, that's not necessarily true. There are many overlooked storage options in your home. Today we present some clever ideas on how to create additional storage space.

The first thing you see above is a sophisticated solution for open shelves.

Use doors that are not often used and frame them with built-in or freestanding bookcases. You can also attach shelves over the door. There are items that are rarely used - such as cake stands, for example.

How about an extra seat by the window?

Additional storage space create striped cushion leather sofa

Larger windows offer enough space for a bench and additional storage space. You can build a wall shelf around the window to create a built-in look. In this way, plenty of space for your books and on the seat you can put down decorative pillows and a soft padding.

Do you need more order for your jewelry?

additional storage space create dressing table with accessories

Get help with a wall mounted shelf with a horizontal board. So you have at the same time an orderly sideboard for your accessories and a dressing table. Attach some neck hooks to the front and place a few boxes on the shelf to collect odds and ends.

You can use a similar wall shelf for your laptop, tablet PC or diary. So you have up to the last minute before work, your important last-minute e-mails or the weather report at hand.

Filigree wall lights provide enough light

additional storage space creates a floating shelf for lap top

Creative bulletin boards - chalk magnet and felt board

Additional storage space create pinboards with white frames

With pinboards you save a lot of space, as can be seen above and below. They create vertical storage space and at the same time order in the room and in the head. With different materials, you can organize the entire household on a large pin board and even make a part of it playful for the children.

Attach shelves below the pin board for more functionality

Additional storage space create pin board file bags

And it goes on as creatively and cleverly. Narrow shelves, pin boards, hidden compartments on the inside of the door, etc. Take a look at everything and find out how you can create additional storage space at your home.

Under the stairwell, one often overlooks the additional storage space

Additional storage space create white chest of drawers with marble surface

Why not a built-in open shelf under the spiral staircase?

additional storage space creates a deep pile grass green carpet

Clothes hooks and shelves are another clever solution

Additional storage space is created by wooden white wooden railings

Towels and blankets can be hung on aluminum rods

Additional storage space create cloths stand

On the insides of the cabinet doors hide unexpected storage places

additional storage space create cabinet door with internal compartments

The small chamber quickly becomes the home office

additional storage space creates black shelving system

Layer Ikea solutions for your laundry

Additional storage space create aluminum shelf boards

Vertical storage is in the bathroom at home

additional storage space creates grass green narrow shelf

Food perfectly arranged and hidden

additional storage cabinet with shelves made of light wood