25 cool ideas for niche shelves

25 cool ideas for niche shelves

A decorative niche with shelves is a great idea! Why? Because, first of all, it is practical, and besides - looks beautiful. Such a space solution is easy, you can do that yourself, with your own hands. The niche shelves increase the room view and are an excellent alternative to large pieces of furniture for storage. This is a cool decorative solution that can be used anywhere - in a bedroom or living room and in many other rooms, even under the stairs. If you want to highlight a niche in a different color than the wallpaper, do it if you have 2 or 3 shelves, if a niche is under the stairs, or if you would not put much on the shelves, then do it otherwise Not. And now take a look at the ideas we have put together for you, how to create a cool and functional niche in different rooms and spaces.

Niche shelves decoration - bath towels

A decorative niche with shelves in the bathroom Niches shelves- decoration bathroom

A decorative niche with shelves in the living area
Niche shelf decoration blue fireplaces

A decorative niche with shelves in the study
Niches us shelves decoration flowers motifs

An idea for niche shelves above the table Niches and Shelves Decoration Yellow Art Deco

Another idea  for niche shelves  in the children's room.

Niches shelf decoration yellow children's room

A suggestion for niche shelves made of wood in the bathroom. A proposal for niche shelves of wood bathroom

Another decoration idea for niche shelves  under the stairsAnother idea for niches shelves- the stairs

Or something in the nursery for the books and toys  Or something in the nursery - books and toys

Another idea, this time with more colorStill an idea, this time with more colors

A suggestion for your living room  A suggestion for your living room area

And again in white, but minimalistAnd again - but otherwise minimalist

 niche shelves For Your favorite booksAn idea for niches Shelves for your favorite books

Niche shelves Decoration Bedroom

Niche shelves Decoration black-brown

Niche shelves Decoration over bed

Niche shelves Decoration under-hall

Niche shelves Decoration white-brown

Niche-shelf decoration-white-deco

Niche shelves Decoration White Gray

Niche shelves Decoration white-green

Niche shelves Decoration white bedroom

Niche shelves Decoration living room

Niche shelves Decoration zebra pattern

Niche shelves Decoration brick