Scandinavian living is a whole philosophy of life

What do you mean by "Scandinavian living" and "Scandinavian setting up"?

Surely you have heard about the Scandinavian lifestyle ?! Furniture and clothing bear the characteristics of the north and are beautiful. So that's a philosophy of life, inspired by the North. The Scandinavian style of living is also known as Swedish living style. Living in Scandinavia means of course living in a bright and colorful ambience and creating a cosiness around you. Sustainability and flexibility are also terms that are used to describe Scandinavian design.

Scandinavian decorating living room design deco ideas

It is particularly trendy these days to bring Scandinavian flair home. In order to be able to feel the Scandinavian style correctly, one should first of all rely on naturalness and coziness. That is, consider furniture, deco and patterns that are reminiscent of the north and create a cozy living environment.

A true Scandinavian attitude to life is created with the right products. Many online shops, including, offer design products that are Scandinavian in themselves and leave an authentic feeling of space. Combine clean lines with a fancy design and create a very nice living atmosphere in your home. So you can enjoy the informality of Scandinavian design.

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Scandinavian living decoration wooden figures voegel

The Scandinavian style can be recognized at first glance. Simple lines and simplicity are characteristic of him. This can be observed in furniture design as well as in decoration. You just have to feel completely natural in your home. Typical of the Scandinavian decor are the bright shades, which is due to the way of life of the Swedes. But color contrasts are not dispensed with in Scandinavian design. The fabric patterns used in the interior design also stand out: Geometric and colorful patterns are used here, which create beautiful contrasts in the interior.

Scandinavian Living Living Room Yellow Sofa Round Side Tables Geometric Carpet

You just feel quite comfortable in a Scandinavian-style room. One relies on simplicity of decor and any ornaments are superfluous. The Scandinavian design radiates clarity and elegance through the color combinations. White is the main color, but it is combined with other shades such as black, gray and pastel nuances. It gets really comfortable, if you decorate nicely. Deco vases, wooden figures, candlesticks, tealight holders and murals spice up the interior and complete it. Decorated with letters and numbers, if you set up Scandinavian.

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If you have the incentive to set up Scandinavian, first create a clear design concept. Because the Scandinavian design is versatile: You can set up a modern Scandinavian living room, but can also make the room look eclectic.