32 Floating stairs Ideas for a contemporary home

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Floating stairs Ideas for the modern home

A staircase is an element of the house, which is often an afterthought. But these times seem to change quite quickly, because breathtaking stairs quickly become a must for the complete modern home. A breathtaking spiral staircase or a beautiful floating staircase add to the charm of stylish and sought-after interiors.

Both homeowners and designers are now constructing magnificent and sometimes intriguing stairways that inspire and fascinate us with their innovative design.

Floating stairs are as good as perfect for any modern home that wants to specify with impressive interior. They beautifully combine both form and function by taking the style quotient of your entire home to a new level. Here are some cool houses proudly flaunting the Floating Staircase and they will hopefully inspire you to put one in your home as well.

 Fabulous floating staircase hung in style by Tom Loder

floating stairs ideas wood equipment dinning room

 LED illuminated railing magnificently illuminates this levitating staircase by Sam Crawford Architects

floating stairs ideas wood equipment staircase luxury

 Modern living room with stylish levitation stairs

floating stairs ideas wood equipment staircase living room

 The unique design of the handrail of the railing lends further charm to this floating staircase

 floating staircase ideas wood equipment staircase railing

Black floating staircase design in contrast to the white background

 floating stairs ideas black equipment staircase minimalist

Modern staircase design idea for those who love the free-floating look of William Roy designer Kitchens

floating stairs ideas black equipment staircase attractive

 Extravagant sweeping floating glass staircase that seems to be inspired by human DNA - by Siller

floating staircase ideas wood equipment staircase facility

Touch of minimalism

The most important feature of the floating staircases is the touch of minimalism that they automatically bring to every room they decorate. The architectural composition of the floating stairs is such that they tend to naturally bring with them a certain sense of contemporary flair and uncomplicated style. That pretty much guarantees that your living room, lounge, or any area you choose as the space for the floating staircases will display at least a semi-minimalist look.

 Exquisite floating stairs in a black minimalist space! floating staircase ideas wood outfit minimalist striking

Free-floating oak steps form this floating staircase for the book collection on the top floor

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Floating stairs in dark shades fit perfectly into the interior of the house

floating stairs ideas wood equipment dark equipmentYou can go one step further by modifying the floating stair design into open stairs. But the lack of railing and seemingly free-floating stairs is not an endeavor that is ideal for everyone. If you are afraid of heights or have children, the best thing you can do is to attach a Glaus handrail or something similar.

 Cool floating stairs for the modern home of Hufft Projects

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 Elegant floating staircase perfect for a home full of dreamlike furniture  

 floating stairs ideas wood equipment home decor

Floating stairs are not just for the interiors! by Bushman Dreyfus Architects floating staircase ideas wood equipment outdoor area steps massive

The fragile appearance of these floating stairs makes it a terror for those with weak nerves floating stairs ideas wood equipment dark flooring

Interesting works of art and beautiful levitation stairs combine to give this house a chic look. by Winder Gibson Architectsfloating staircase ideas wood equipment facepalm paintings

Save on space

Floating stairs not only help with the aesthetic elements of a facility, but they also contribute a lot in terms of ergonomics. A floating staircase is perfect for small spaces in more ways than one. Most of these stairs usually take up very little space compared to stairs, which are much more traditional. In addition, floating stairs create a light and airy atmosphere that makes the interior visually more spacious.

 Custom designed floating staircase furnished in a unique way!

Design by Siller

floating stairs ideas wood equipment glass railing

Floating stairs fit well in the small room that offers itself

floating stairs ideas wood equipment dark backyard

 Beautiful floating staircase is compact and elegant at the same time

floating stairs ideas wood furnishing innovative subtle

Many floating stairs also allow the underlying space to be used in creative new ways. It could vary from something as basic as a bookshelf or storage space to areas that could be turned into extravagant home office facilities. How you will use the newfound space depends on your ingenuity!

 Use the available space under the floating stair in more ways than one

floating stairs ideas wood equipment wood panels wall design

 Extensive use of glass in the background provides the ideal backdrop for this floating staircase

 floating stairs ideas wood equipment big windows

Minimalist floating stairs without guardrails for those who dare!

floating stairs ideas wood equipment painting gallery

Simple metal railing complements the floating staircase perfectly!

floating stairs ideas wood equipment smooth

 Elegant and stylish floating staircase connects the house with the garden

floating stairs ideas wood equipment bookshelves dark

A paint stroke and arched treasures

Since spiral staircases seem to be so overgrown, like floating stairs, there is no reason why you can not link both ideas together. A floating spiral staircase is indeed an unforgettable sight and yet it is not for the faint of heart! There are other directions when thinking that you can make sure your floating staircase will stand out from the crowd. A touch of color can always be applied by taking the ornate staircase for it.

 Colorful floating stairs for a lively look

floating staircase ideas wood equipment yellow playful colors

 Floating spiral staircase stands out from the crowd

floating stairs ideas wood equipment curves traditional Glass stairs and banisters fade into the background

floating stairs ideas wood equipment glass steps

Unique lighting and creative decoration around the stairs can also transform the installation into a brilliant work of art. A floating staircase certainly enhances the appearance of your home by giving the appearance of refinement and elegance.

 Stylish stainless steel treads make this floating staircase, which could take many breath away!

floating stairs ideas wood furnishings minimalist furnishings

Floating stone staircase for the terrace

floating staircase ideas wood equipment garden

Amazing spiral staircase with floating steps and a glass column in its core - by Siller

floating staircase ideas wood equipment glass pillar Chic floating staircase design maximizes space

 Floating staircase ideas wood equipment cleverly thought out

Floating wooden stairs are well suited to most modern homes

floating staircase ideas wood furnishing ordinary design