15 cool books wall shelves placed in the corner of the room

cool books wall shelves corner room working room home office

15 cool books wall shelves placed in the corner of the room

While most of us spend too much time decorating our home and planning more efficient interior solutions, it often happens that small square rooms go unnoticed. Many of us find it too easy to ignore the fact that we can not do much with it and either we put a decorative feat or something absolutely unnecessary there.

Playful arrangement in the nursery

cool books wall shelves room corner colorful picture frame orange

There are enough design solutions for wall shelves that can turn the boring corner into a fascinating show or storage spot. Customized shelves in the corners help to increase the available space. Made-to-measure movable shelves in the corner can help increase the available space.

Eye-catching purple walls and black wall shelves

cool books wall shelves corner corners purple wall black shelves vases

All you have to do is look for inspiration in your own kitchen! It is fascinating to see how this delicate corner in the kitchen is equipped with ergonomic shelves. We just do the same when it comes to our bedroom or living room. Here are a few ideas that will hopefully inspire you to incorporate some great corner wall shelf ideas.

 Fix the forgotten corner

cool books wall shelves corner room nursery beige

 The home library is something most of us think about, but never really work on. A small and quiet reading room is a wonderful addition to any home and you can use a carefully crafted L-shaped book shelf in the corner to turn it into a sophisticated home library. Add some plush seats and you're almost done.

Contemporary home office with square bookshelves for a beautiful viewpoint

cool books wall shelves corner room living room modern

 Whether in the dining or living room, there is always a forgotten or neglected corner. An intelligently placed shelf like the one shown above can instantly turn into a fascinating viewing space that exemplifies creative design. Choosing and placing such shelves costs little real effort, because all you have to do is choose something that suits the existing theme through its shape and design. The example here is wonderful if you want to achieve an "Oriental touch".

A stylish way to spice up the gloomy corner

cool books wall shelves corner kitchen area dinette

The home office featured above was specially designed for baseball enthusiasts. While the whole room seems very ordinary in terms of design, the movable shelves in the corners are "enlightened" by the proudly issued baseball memorabilia. Well, that's what we call "total use" from the corner. You can use similarly "illuminated" corner shelves to show off your own valuable possessions.

 Home Office - wooden shelvescool books wall shelves corner dining roomMost modern bedrooms leave the corner unfit (sometimes to add a minimalist feel), but if you're someone who likes to fill the form with functionality, then this design works best. A particularly effective space-saving solution for small apartments.

Image: L-shaped bookshelves are an effective addition to the modern bedrooms. A bedroom is the perfect place to put a chic corner rule that can serve as both a display surface and a place to pile up the books.

cool books wall shelves corner bedrooms

Expand the area over your office workspace at home by incorporating a pair of mobile shelves in the corner.

Even if you have a window on one of the sides in the room, you can still use the area of ​​the adjoining wall. Intelligent and saving space for the legs, the mobile shelves are a wonderful solution.

  Picture: Modern home office with corner shelves, which form a beautiful display area

cool books wall shelves corner room home office

Outboard corner shelves are a magical addition to the living room or lounge area. They are easy to integrate and can be great additions to your existing shelves.

While it might be a bit difficult for the small apartments to integrate, they can fill the space in a meaningful way in large rooms.

Picture: Open shelves on outside corners look breathtaking!

cool books wall shelves room corner modern refined wood


Curved shelves in the corner are an aesthetic complement as they add a geometric design that is different from all squares and rectangles.

Even triangular shelves that fit right in the corner give the room a whole new look. In addition to the illumination of the free corner, they provide a new display area.

Creative corner shelves bring an additional viewing area into the dining area

cool books wall shelves corner dining area

Adding a small workstation to the small corner is a sensitive little solution that can save space. This works great in homes and apartments where you struggle to gain more space. You can extend this resource wealth by one level by also adding mobile wall shelves via the home office workstation. This is a clever way to get rid of the whole slash at home.

 Image: Corner surface in the bedroom converted into a compact home office with a wide storage room.

cool books wall shelves corner white

The glass is a material that is becoming more and more popular because most modern designers and designers use it widely and widely in the design of various structures. In modern homes, which have wide, floor-to-ceiling windows, it makes sense to use movable glass shelves in the corner. Glass shelves bring a "light and airy" appeal, parallel to a different texture element.

 Picture: Ergonomic glass shelves in the corner for a perfect, contemporary ambience at home

cool books wall shelves corner corner fireplace fireplace mosaic

Just because you achieve a minimalist or even semi-minimalist look does not mean you're forced to downsize the shelf space. This living room employs compact moving shelves in the corner that are stylish, ergonomic and that create a subtle visual contrast to the common appearance. This is a wonderfully wonderful strategy that will allow you to put your libeling titles in a suitable place.

Amazing moving shelves in the corner - minimalist style

cool books wall shelves corner room living room carpet

This is a wonderful example of how each room in your home can have unique and non-immitable shelves that are different.

Box-shaped shelves near the cot in the nursery are noticeable inside the rest of the room.

They stand out as very appealing and promotional additions, since your little child will be delighted by the objects that are there.

 Colorful, playful nursery designcool books wall shelves room corners colorful furnishings nursery room

Designing a seating area near the window in the bedroom will give us the chance to immerse ourselves in the pictures and the sounds out there.

This bedroom goes a little further with a square bookshelf, which also shows a plate-shaped surface. This provides an integrated and compact space where you can calmly put your own ideas on paper and also enjoy some contemplative moments during the day.

 Image: Compact bookshelves in the corner with integrated platform and seat

cool books wall shelves corner bedroom sky bed bedroom

 These walnut-made shelves bring a contemporary twist to every room they decorate. The movable shelves form a wide display or storage area where you can store all your books and accessories.

By increasing the number of shelves and increasing the distance between them, you can achieve a new look every time.

 Picture: Elegant movable, perfect walnut shelves for every room

cool books wall shelves corner solid wood dresser

The nursery can also be a perfect place to reinzutun some corner shelves. When it comes to children, no matter how big the room is, there will always be a need for more storage space. Even the small movable corner shelves can help to hide the mess.

Cute baskets and smartly designed boxes that obscure the mess can fill this shelf space. In this case, that happens in the beautiful girl's room pictured above.

Girlish pink nursery

cool books wall shelves corner room cute colorful pink girlish

Glassy, ​​mobile shelves in the bathroom

cool books wall shelves corner corners bathroom glass

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