Eclectic is trendy! Which rules do you have to adhere to?

Set up eclectically - what you must and what you are not allowed to do in an eclectic style

The eclectic style is universal and therefore very popular. But his execution is not easy at all. Unless you know some rules that always remind you of what you can and should not do.

Decorate eclectically - Modern interior design ideas for the living room

home decor living room eclectic style

The floor plan

Always start with the analysis of the room plan. Determine if there are any corrections to be made. If the one dimension appears e.g. too short or too wide, is there a niche or tricky place that is bad to use? All of these things can make the room seem somewhat inharmonious.

Decorate eclectically - combine colors carefully

living room living room strip carpet throw pillow corner sofa eclectic

The use of furniture, accessories, colors, textures and patterns must be subordinated to the balance in the room. For example, you can correct the different dimensions with the right colors: Put the light nuances where you want to achieve the illusion of more width. The darker shades you need, where the surface should appear a little narrower. This knowledge is very important for premises that are too long and narrow. Beautiful lighting can in turn enhance the room's appearance.

Fresh blue accents

living room living room blue sofa zebra carpet

Distribute the furniture and the remaining elements of the interior in accordance with these criteria. Due to their color, shape and texture, they all have to contribute to the balanced appearance of the floor plan.

Choose a suitable color palette for the living room

eclectic set up zig zag carpet patterns long opaque curtains

Do not forget the linchpin

When planning your eclectic interior design, you always need to be pivotal. This is especially important because otherwise the collection of objects from different style epochs can be quite confusing.

Spectacular wall design captivates the view

decorate eclectic white carpet dark walls

The accent piece must, so to speak, weld together the general look. Mostly, such a concept works well with a picture wall. This feature could also be taken from a fireplace with beautiful decoration.


Do not just focus on the style. You must eventually live in this room. For each piece, consider whether it is the best option to achieve a complete picture of the whole. The successful eclectic interior design is usually this, in which the utility items also have a decorative value.

Brilliant colored accents

living ideas dining room eclectic colored carpet wood furniture

Avoid the inconsistency

Inconsistent look is one of the most common mistakes in eclectic interior designs. No object, no element of the floor plan and no room may be there for you alone. They always have to correspond with each other. So the thread does not lose itself within the manifold.

Even the small living area can be designed in eclectic style

home decor living room eclectic design red hanging lamp areas eclectic

Strive for balance and balance through the abundant use of a color

One of the colors in your home should serve as a factor of compensation. It is best to weld the general pallet together. Red is very often chosen in eclectic designs. It would weld the look together if you use plenty of brown, white, gold and green in the room. Select this or another main shade that corresponds to as many others as possible.

The wall color comes to the foreground

living ideas living room colored carpet plants eclectic

Never use more than one main color

Do not fall for the temptation to use more than one main color. This will make a bizarre feeling. At first it might look interesting, but in most cases such a solution is quite exhausting in the long run.


Initially, we started with the floor plan and stated that the balance in the floor plan would be fundamental. Be sure to use the symmetry to keep it. If in doubt, you must always prefer the compensation before the change.

Harmonious interior design in eclectic style

home decor living room eclectic style red armchair white carpet

Eclectic does not mean "Everything is allowed"

Stylish eclectic room designs are art. The boundary between a finely layered interior and the random chaos can easily be crossed. Above all, you must not use too many contrasting styles. Instead, give the new styles a chance.

Colored and trendy

eclectic decorating eclectic living room fashion red sofa carpet beige

Several throw pillows in different shades set beautiful accents in the eclectic living room

decorate eclectic cozy living room decorate tulips throw pillow

eclectic decorating home decor bedroom black wall design

eclectically set up living room set up ideas

decorate eclectic living room set up ideas to select warm shades

eclectic bedroom decorating ideas colored bedding striped pattern ceiling


home decor bedroom eclectic furnishings yellow bedding purple carpet colored walls

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