10 interesting ideas for indoor tent camping

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10 interesting ideas for indoor tent camping

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, and with ever-shorter budgets and less time for vacation, we sometimes need to be creative when it comes to an occasional three-day weekend. The term "glamping" is used to describe the camping tact with extra luxury, rather than just the essentials, and the word "staycation" just means that we can take some days off and relax at home.

Pajama party tents by Spearmint Baby

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Our collection today combines the two with some whimsical inspiration points for camping at home or rather, "glamping staycation", from old-fashioned tips to ultra-modern personal pods. Whether you're bringing in a night-time guest or wanting more privacy than the air mattress in the middle of the living room, enjoying a Friday night with the kids, or just having the inventive idea of ​​spending a leisurely evening with a loved one, these ten indoor Camping ideas full of childlike creativity and - the most important part - full of fun.

 Beautiful, cheerful Indian tents for children themselves  interesting tent camping pink green wooden poles kids  Living room tent and cushions by Nordic Bliss indoor tent camping white idea indian

A-Frame Tent Tutorial by Cakies

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  Reading tent by UK Telegraphdesgner tent camping white idea reading corner lights

Nursery tent by Remodelista

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Ferrat Pyramid Daybed by Modloft

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Handmade Kids Teepee by Moozle Home

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The hotel's indoor camper concept 

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