12 hints for beautiful living in the loft or studio

beautiful living in the loft or studio living room original decor

Customize your loft or studio to your needs

Are you missing storage options? Do not you have a bedroom? Here are some ideas on how to maximize the space and customize your loft or studio to your needs.

No matter how big, lofts and studios have similar characteristics.

Almost all do not have enough built-in wardrobes for storage, need custom-made furniture, and last but not least have the sleeping loft in the living room. Read the 12 notes for planning the rooms for maximum comfort, style and flexibility.

Plan a coherent color scheme - beautiful living in the loft or studio

beautiful living in the loft or studio sofa living room wall shelves

If you can only see your living space at a glance, then you definitely need matching colors. A room with harmonious colors looks more neat, clean and integrated.

Consider matching the pieces of furniture. An eclectic look would work if it's deliberately targeted - the rigorous color composition then helps. But if you do not feel safe, then just stay with one style - for example Midcentury. You then have a uniform room.

Set lighting systems to different heights

beautiful living in the loft or studio table dining room classic furnishings

The low hanging pendant lights give an intimate feeling - so use them over the dining table or in the living room. Higher-hanging lights are suitable for "public" corners - such as corridors or workstations in the kitchen.

Design the "rooms" with carpets. An old hint, but again to call, because it really works. Too small a carpet for the zone is the most common mistake. Ideally, you should look for carpets that are large enough to fit all the furniture. On the carpet you can lay a smaller carpet for more color and softness. In the dining room, take a large enough rug so that the chair pushed backwards remains on the rug when getting up.

Consider the storage options

beautiful living in the loft or studio living room original decor

Closet closets are not enough in lofts and studios. Install cabinets on a wall yourself. Set up the entire wall with shelves, cupboards and built-in wardrobes. Although expensive, this expense makes life easier and more enjoyable every day, so it's worth it.

Separate the room with shelves without back wall

beautiful living in the loft or studio shelves partition wood decoration

The easiest way to design a room within a room is to use a shelf with no back wall that is perpendicular to the wall. This hint can be used in larger and smaller rooms. Arrange the books horizontally rather than vertically, place things in baskets that look good from all sides, and mix many decorative elements, such as vases, candles, and bowls. Of course everything has to be safe - if you live with smaller children or in a country with earthquakes, then you need to decently fix the shelf to the wall and / or floor.

Mount castors for flexibility

beautiful living in the loft or studio bookshelves design

The piece of furniture in the picture is library from one side and wardrobe from the other - and with the castors it can be easily rotated and offset. In the offer on the market are great furniture to buy with castors, but you can mount them to almost any existing furniture. Remember how clever it would be to be able to move the sofa, bed or shelf right away.

Use innovative, flexible furniture

beautiful living in the loft or studio wood massive sliding door

In a narrow space, you need a clever, space-saving design. Consider fold-out wall beds, disappearing doors, modern pull-out sofas and height-adjustable dining and coffee tables.

beautiful living in the loft or studio empty space white wall

With its furniture, the studio looks light and expansive in the picture - and the bed area is used for other purposes.

Choose the right scale

nice living in the loft or studio living room dining room With the right size of furniture, the room looks comfortable and comfortable, otherwise awkward. For small rooms, buy the maximum possible size that allows enough room for movement around the furniture. The small pieces of furniture will make you feel uncomfortable. In larger rooms you can afford larger furniture - but do not buy over-sized ones. Some sofas and chairs in the market today are so gigantic that an average person feels overstrained.

Install a loft bed

beautiful living in the loft or studio ladder kitchen compactA great way to maximize the vertical space and personal space is to have a loft bed. But consider well whether you want to use the ladder every day or rather sacrifice a little more space and form a comfortable staircase. Otherwise for children or if you do not mind, the ladder solution is quite space efficient.

Use curtains to soften the corners and make private space

beautiful living in the loft or studio yellow wall cozy

Hang curtains to separate a non-existent room or make the bedroom and living space more private. Of course you can hang room-high curtains on windows - for more warmth and private space, also for more natural light.

Take advantage of the expansive wall surfaces with a gallery wall

beautiful living in the loft or studio pictures wall sofas dresser

With the gallery wall you can suggest your style better. You do not have to fill in the whole wall all at once. Start the composition from the middle and over time you can add more works.
Let us know: Do you live in a loft or studio? Which is the biggest challenge for you?