Decoration ideas for the guest room with double function

Decoration ideas for the guestroom red sofa soft carpet

Decoration ideas for the guest room for multiple purposes

Do you have such a room at home that somehow can not be completed? A space for multiple purposes, which should be a guest room and home office, but actually offers no sleep? Or a third bedroom, which will become a nursery in the future and now needs a different function?

.. Today we focus on the furnishing of the guest rooms. Although it also serves as a nursery, home office or exercise room, there is a way to integrate the different elements in a single unit. And to make it FABULOUS …

Multipurpose room solutions

The base in such Zweivweckräumen is the bed. And it should be compact. The classic sofa bed in the picture below is nicely integrated in this room, is not it?

Modern home office with rich colors

Decoration ideas for the guest room home office shelves brick wall

One source for many ideas may be the interior rooms furnished by teenagers, as their functionality also takes into account play and sleep. This is exactly what makes this bedroom, office and music room multifunctional in the picture. A very adaptable look for a guest room that also serves as a home office or as another creative space.

Modern multipurpose room

Decoration ideas for the guestroom office carpet blue white

The combination exercise room / guest room is particularly clever. Many recommend that the sports equipment should not be in a fine decor, but very few are those who have enough space for an extra exercise room. Put a comfortable pull-out sofa in the corner and that’s it. The colors in the room are great.

Exercise room with colorful seating

Decoration ideas for the guest room fitness house feminine furnishing

What solutions are there for sleeping in multifunctional guest rooms? What do you think of a wall bed? At night, it serves to sleep and it is then unfolded in the wall. Or on the shelves. Or in the cabinets.

Modern office with wall bed

Decoration ideas for the guest room wood flooring shelving wall

Even bunk beds are hinged. So you do not need to save area for a queen size bed in your home office. And bunk beds are not just for kids. The great woodwork makes the room quite sublime.

Hinged beds in a home office

Decoration ideas for the guestroom loft bed wooden frame ladder mattresses

And now we come to nursery / guest room combination. Of course, you should set up this room in accordance with children’s interests. The room can also be appreciated by adults, especially if it starts as a guest room and then changes to nursery. In the picture we see funny forest furniture by Numi Numi Design in a room designed by Project Nursery. And there we have bunk beds again.

Children’s room with bunk beds

Decoration Ideas for the guest room babyroom shutter railing bed

Another essential component of a multifunctional space is the spacious shelves. This is particularly helpful in a home office, which also serves as a guest room. On the next picture we see an excellent design style in a teen bedroom.

Sufficient shelves in a home office and bedroom

Decoration ideas for the guest room gray wall design office table

Here we see the beauty of a pull-out sofa, which is a meaningful piece of furniture during the day and a comfortable sleeping option at night. This tandom pull-out couch by CB2 is easy to use and as a bonus, the sides become headboard and footboard when sleeping.

Elegant pull-out sofa

Decoration ideas for the guestroom sofa extendable bed carpet red

Another bedding option from CB2 is the sofa bed Lubi Turquoise, which impresses with a deep blue hue. This piece of furniture is small and can stand in the corner of a multifunctional room, such as the home office. You can relax there and guests can sleep there.

A sofa bed in vivid color

Decoration ideas for the guestroom floor lamp blue curtains

The last find in CB2 is a sleeping possibility, which can also serve as a bright splash of color in the room. This flex orange pull-out sofa can be set up in three different positions. With the fiery shade and chrome frame, it is a great place to sleep for multipurpose rooms.

Compact orange pull-out sofa with sleeping function

Decoration ideas for the guestroom red sofa soft carpet

Multipurpose room style

How are the different functions integrated in a consistent style?

The first example is a multipurpose room in Austin, Texas by Matt Garcia Design. The style: rustic. A seamless fusion of living space, home office and bedroom:

Modern multipurpose room

Decoration ideas for the guestroom wood suspended ceiling shelves wall

Take a look at this bright and lively exercise room … and then you will see a bed on the right side of the picture. The soothing color of this workout / bedroom unifies in a great way as well as the wide windows in white frames.

Bright and lively guests / training room

Decoration ideas for the guest room green wall paint fitness

Or you can design a traditional plush set of seating and sleeping options and room-high curtains. Below we see a guest room and home office of Centsational Girl:

Guestroom office space

Decoration ideas for the guestroom bedroom classic cozy

Another shiny style with mirrors and shimmering tiles in the office with seating below. She changes to bed. And guests can do their mails in the comfort of their accommodation.

Elegant guest room with office

Decoration ideas for the guest room wall mirror round sofa pillar

More and more popular in the baby rooms is the modern, yet kid-friendly style. Geometric wall murals, hanging lights, round mirrors and eclectic pillows are eye-catching and timeless. This guest room / baby room is really inviting. The sofa bed is Parsons of West Elm.

Modern baby room with sleeping possibility

Decoration ideas for the guest room. Baby room decorative ball

Another option is to make the room elegant. Beautiful upholstery, gallery-style artwork and curtains give the chic tone in the room below. Wallboard paint and bright accents are kid-friendly items.

Baby / guest room idea

Decoration ideas for the guest room. Baby room diamond shaped pattern black white

The next modern baby room is a Hollywood style sofa bed. The eye-catching elements are bold colors, elegant lighting, modern artwork and a sculptural mirror. This is a fancy room where guests can spend the night, but where the needs of the children are met.

Modern baby room with sofa bed

Decoration ideas for the guest room baby room carpet window

The last baby room example with sleeping possibility is in an artistic style. Many stylish elements are combined in this room. There are acrylic chairs around an Isamu Noguchi table. A purple armchair with a vinyl toy look is the focus. A collection of different pillows makes the style of the room indefinable.

Modern baby room with bed

Decoration ideas for the guest room babyroom black white furnishing

Have we solved some decoration dilemmas with these examples? How do you accommodate your guests at home? Tell us your thoughts in a comment below …