Basement lighting – Find the right solution for you!

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Which is the right basement lighting?

The basement rooms are like white areas for the designers. You can create practically anything - from a man's room, to a living room, to a conversation room. No matter which idea you choose, it can only come into its own if the room is properly lit.

The basements offer specific challenges such as low ceilings and missing windows. The right lighting is therefore of fundamental importance.

But how do you achieve this?

Here are some ideas for you that could help you in this regard. Just because the basement is underground does not mean it should feel dark and gloomy. In the first example, the sconces in the back of the room create the illusion of higher ceilings.

The high, decorative floor lamp makes the room well planned and comfortable

basement lighting living room lights chandelier recessed lighting

The recessed lighting is a very popular solution. But as in all other cases, the light should be done in layers. More concretely, this means supplementing the ambient light with lamps designed for specific tasks. For the second task, the pendant lights are just perfect. In this example, they are used above the bar and billiard table.

Combine different types of lighting fixtures

basement lighting living room billiard table illuminate bar counter

The pendant lights here appear in different shapes and sizes. They make for a dramatic appearance. The side lighting makes the room sparkle

basement lighting living room billiard table illuminate pendant lights

In the basements, the halogen recessed lights are common. It provides a more modern touch and the room feels more airy

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Another creative way of putting light into the basement without sacrificing the ceiling height would be to place electrical wiring and water facilities behind a soffit that extends over the entire perimeter of the room.

Note the low ceiling

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There you can install sockets for the lights or mount lamps on the surface. So you can raise the ceiling in the center of the room. The whole thing can be brightened by a floor or work light. So the whole thing looks much more intimate.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have high ceilings like these in the room. If you are one of these people, you should consider nice lights above the seats.

If the ceiling in your basement is high enough

basement lighting living room lights chandeliers recessed lights pendant lights

A chandelier above the table makes every room look nicer and more beautiful

playroom billiard table cellar lighting living room bar counter house bar

Consider low hanging lamps. These are a perfect match for the areas above the tables, bar counters and other such places where you do not have to worry about bumping your head against them.

Low hanging lamps

basement lighting living room living room sofa home cinema

I love the coffered ceilings and these are shown in my last example. They have that sense of freedom, but there are channels everywhere for electrical installations.

Built-in ceiling lights are a very practical basement lighting

basement lighting living room recessed ceiling lights sofa home cinema