Modern fireplace design for your stylish home

fireplace design built in wall design ethanol

Modern fireplace design with style

Fireplaces and fireplaces have always been a symbol of comfort and security. Even with the discovery of fire, human life has changed drastically. Nowadays, this natural element does not cease to win our fascination constantly. There is something ominous and mystical about our magical attraction.

Introduce some of this fascination into your home, such as: B. with a modern fireplace design. Today we have selected a diverse collection of 30 stylish solutions for you. Depending on the living plan and taste, you can draw inspiration from it and find the right fireplace or the perfect fireplace for yourself.

Straight lines and and modern design

fireplace design ethanol modern technology

All of these fireplace models are the main characteristics of the modern interior design style. They have a refined, minimalist profile that works with almost any interior design style. The building materials are mainly concrete and stainless steel. The built-in fireplaces are often clad with granite tiles or framed with metal or marble. Most work with bio-ethanol, but there are also some that can be supplied quite old-fashioned with firewood. With the last one can feel the unmistakable aroma after romantic summer evenings in the country.

Floating and hanging models are very much in vogue

fireplace design hearth round black metal

Some of the fireplace designs show straight, clean lines, while others are oval or round. You can opt for the built-in, freestanding or hanging version. Very practical and smart is the idea for a fireplace as a room divider. In this case, the fireplace or the fireplace is integrated directly into the partition. Such an extraordinary wall does not only fit into an open plan living space, but also in the bedroom or even in the bathroom. It depends only on your attitude and of course on the available space.

Unique open hearth in the living room

fireplace design indoor hearth round

And if you want to feel more quaint yet still admire the modern design, a round, open hearth in the middle of your living room would be just what you are looking for. So do not waste precious time and make the decision now to install a modern fireplace in your home. You will see that the primary investment in the purchase was definitely worth it. And right now, with winter around the corner.

 How about a fireplace in the bathroom?

fireplace design bathroom ideas

Scandinavian design and concrete look in gray are optically heated

fireplace design concrete pillar ethanol

Simple, elegant profile made of stainless steel

fireplace design stainless steel front matt

Who says marble looks old-fashioned?

fireplace design built in corner granite wall tiles

The fireplace is a perfect match for your bedroom too

fireplace design built-in model concrete look

An elegant chimney frame made of shiny metal can also be combined with other interior elements

fireplace design built in metal ethanol

Quite smart would be built into the wall, a linear fireplace

fireplace design ethanol modern residential wall design

In the bathroom, the fire provides more relaxation and a pleasant SPA atmosphere

fireplace design ethanol partition wall

Shiny textures and natural warmth in one

fireplace design minimalist copper black high gloss

When glass kisses concrete

fireplace design modern bioethanol concrete pillar

Modern fireplace with Far Eastern flavor

fireplace design modern glass granite room divider

The bio-ethanol fireplace at the same time as a room divider and center

fireplace design modern living room ethanol

Nothing compares to natural firewood

fireplace design open hearth metal concrete

A cozy, Scandinavian attitude to life

fireplace design modern hanging

Practical and aesthetic in the open plan

fireplace design room divider ethanol built-in

Scandinavian continues with an indoor fireplace

fireplace design round concrete black hood

If you like oriental flair

fireplace design round hearth

Futuristic design and furniture classic

fireplace design around minimalist

Floating fireplace elegance made of stainless steel

fireplace design bedroom metal floating oval

So you secure the undisputed eye-catcher in the room

fireplace design black cone shaped open plan

Design your premises according to the rules of Feng Shui

fireplace design steel construction oval hanging

Have you ever seen such a fancy fireplace?

Fireplace steel black cylinder

Pure cosiness

fireplace design stone wall anthracite firewood

Chic innovation meets timeless retro design

fireplace design wall tiles ethanol

Combine the romantic fireplace with your daily entertainment

fireplace design living room wall design modern

Exceptional furnishing solution for your chic one-room apartment

fireplace intermediate wall room divider installed