Why should you opt for indirect lighting

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Terms of interior design: direct and indirect lighting

We try to make our articles as exciting and interesting as possible for the unprofessional reader. Every house owner should develop their own designer skills. At the end of the day, we want comfortable living to be easier for all our readers.

For the most part, creativity and suitable examples suffice. That's why we fill our website with it.

However, at some points, it helps if we are more knowledgeable in the relevant terms.

For this reason, we have decided to discuss these in between. As always, we do it in the most understandable way possible. Today it is about the concepts of direct and indirect lighting.

Indirect lighting in neon looks even more effective

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Direct lighting

Direct lighting is emitted from one source and is not mirrored by any other surface. This term exists both in interior design and in nature. In the second case, it means that the light came directly from heaven to us. No mirror surfaces changed direction.

In interior design, the term usually refers to the pendant lights on the ceiling, which align their light down.

Very refined and discreet

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The main advantages of direct lighting are the following:

  • She is very effective;
  • It is ideal for lighting zones and specific areas in the room;
  • One clearly recognizes the features of three-dimensional objects;
  • One can create a very attractive ambience in connection with attractive light-shadow patterns.

The disadvantages of direct lighting are above all these:

  • It alone can not adequately brighten the ambience.
  • At a bad angle, it can blind the view on screens.
  • It does not show objects and people in their best light.

This is what your home theater might look like

indirect lighting recessed neon home theater minimalist

Indirect lighting

The indirect lighting comes about through the mirror effects. So it is both in nature, as well as in interior design. The mirror surfaces are walls, furniture, floor, windows, etc.


These are the main advantages of indirect lighting at a glance:

  • It provides a gentle, non-disturbing ambience, which is ideal for concentrated work.
  • Reflecting on the screen is much easier to control.
  • In many people's gathering, the indirect light makes for a better appearance of the faces.
  • It can be installed on ceilings without damage (this is especially important for historical buildings).

Successful combination

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The disadvantages of indirect light are:

  • If the ceiling is lighter than the other surfaces, it can be annoying.
  • The details of three-dimensional objects are difficult to recognize.
  • Boring appearance due to a too small contrast.
  • Not very energy efficient.

The interaction between direct and indirect lighting

Everyone should have this at home, designers believe. It means that we have installed lights of both types. The same objects could simultaneously secure direct and indirect light.

Track lighting is especially recommended for your living room

indirect lighting rail lighting living room


  • You can achieve a good light balance.
  • Switching between the two light sources ensures energy efficiency.
  • You can choose the right option depending on the situation.


  • Relatively expensive installation and high maintenance costs.
  • Users need more detailed instructions on how to handle it properly.

Design your bedroom exclusively with indirect lighting

indirect lighting bedroom recessed lighting

To the lighting design

Let's conclude with a few words on the lighting design. That's the art and ability to brighten an ambience. Lighting design is divided into two main areas: for daylight and electric light.

Daylight design deals with the integration of daylight into space. It is looking for ways to spread this as well as possible in the built interior. It does not affect all areas of construction. Daylight design is relevant to both building design and interior design.

Electric light
Generally speaking, this term refers to the ability to illuminate interiors and exteriors of buildings with artificial light.

Very refined with Far Eastern flair

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Indirect lighting can be used with any interior style

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Minimalist decor with 5oer-taste

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Perfect balance between indirect and direct lighting

indirect lighting kitchen equipment

Do not forget the staircase

indirect lighting stair railing staircase

Subdued light and soft, curved lines

indirect lighting wall sconces

Indirect LED lighting and masculine appeal

indirect lighting living room ceiling built-in light

Daylight blurs into modern indirect lighting

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