Home study design – modern and stylish ideas

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Modern and stylish home study design - home office

Here's an example of how to stylishly and modernly set up your home and office. Not only is there standard office equipment, but also a roomy wardrobe that offers plenty of storage space. The desk is positioned next to the cupboard, so you get a harmonious picture of the whole room.

There is a table and a sofa nearby, which are very suitable for coffee drinking with customers or simply for peaceful rest after a hard day's work. The coffee table can also be used as an extra work surface, so it is quite convenient to use this furniture equipment for the private, home office.

Well thought-out and chic home office design - home office

built-in domestic office interior gray walls

Wooden wall covering, blue silk curtains, stylish white hanging lamp
small round coffee table

home office design idea blue coffee table teapot

Snow-white furnishing in the home office - compact and elegant interior

Home office design trend white cozy

Elegant table lamp in the home office

home office design idea blue metallic table lampCompact and practical home office - everything necessary

compact simple home office idea modernClassically furnished study at homehome office idea classic modern combined trend

Extravagant, luxurious interior in the home office

home office extravagant luxury idea modern exotic plants

pleasant coffee break in the home office

Home office design thermos porcelain jug wood table round

A design from this home office - practical and compact

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