Creative interior design with patterns from video games

creative room design inspiring colors open ragals

Creative interior design for real video game fanatics

For several decades, people are fascinated by the video games. The technology has evolved in the meantime and you now have a really large selection and easy access to many video games.

Do you have "video games" fanatics in your home?

If so, then perhaps it is time to find a suitable decoration for them.

The first method would be to paste some wallpapers. Put on the Nintendo motifs, which you then apply to the walls.

In the picture below you have covered the whole wall with them

creative room design photo wallpaper video game scene

You could also bring in a few 3 D touches

Creative room design 3d wall decoration

These would make the whole thing even more exciting. Use the colored Tetris blocks. DIY would also be a fabulous idea in this case.

The really creative and skillful I recommend the use of transparent plastic and special colors. In the finished blocks, you could then place small LEDs and then let them shine.

Enjoy the favorite game continuously

Creative room design in the game feeling

On the market there are already furniture with patterns from various video games. When it comes to bedrooms, you could also opt for the comforters. If you want to focus on this subject in the room, then you could also opt for a large sofa or a coffee table with the appropriate patterns.

An oversized Pacman illustration

creative room design classic video games motifs

True Pacman fans would feel incredibly comfortable in such a room

creative room design little figures and clock Pacman

Some people integrate the theme in the basic functions of the room. This looks really funny and exciting.

Your cupboards or kitchen shelves could look like secret tunnels and paths from your favorite game. Would not that be super original?

The video game character is also suitable for embroidery work

creative room design embroidery work

Bedspreads with popular Video Games motifs are also in trend

creative room design bedspread strobe neon colors

In one of the pictures below you can see a shelf wall, which exactly emulates the levels of the Donkey Kong.

The possibilities in this regard are really varied. This article is all about gaining insight and encouraging you to be more creative. Did it work out?

The perfect couch for a video game fanatic

creative room design robot sofa creative room design fancy couch gamer piece