Luxury interior design ideas – would you like to live in a castle?

luxury furnishing ideas Persian carpet in bright colors

Luxury interior design ideas - would you like to live in a castle?

We will be honest with you - luxury interior design ideas in neo-baroque style are by no means easy to implement. If you want to create a chic castle atmosphere at home, you need a lot of patience and feeling. Please, do not allow kitsch to develop from the royal style!

We have collected some incredible exclusive living facilities for you. By doing so, we hope that you are well-prepared with interior design ideas and will find it much easier if you want to create for yourself a luxury ambiance in the Royal or Neo-Baroque style.

The first magical interior has a chic Italian taste. It was designed and implemented by Vittoria Orlandi Design. The beautiful upholstered furniture in cream with golden fittings are handmade without exception.

luxury furnishing ideas royal bed with gold

A majestic combination of violet, cream and gold

luxury furnishing ideas chest of drawers in neo-baroque style

If desired, the ornaments and fittings can be made in other versions

luxury furnishing ideas metal bed with rocaille ornaments

Another interior by Vittoria Orlandi in gold enchants with the filigree ornaments on the headboard of the double bed and with the harmonious contrast. Fine textiles and elaborate candle holders and table lamps complete this noble bedroom.

luxury furnishing ideas elegant candlestick in white

The foot is a unique piece of art - magnificent in gold

luxury furnishing ideas gilded bed frame with ornaments

For a perfect luxury sleep

luxury chic furnishing ideas headboard with tendril ornaments

The interior designer Charles Jouffre masters to perfection the art of creating something special out of a simple interior - something majestic. In the picture at the top as well as in the next three you can convince yourself of it. The designer specializes in interior design of hotels, boutiques and luxury residences.

The royal suite of Jouffre

luxury home decor flooring with floral ornaments

Aristocratic living room with swing

luxury furnishing ideas rococo table in dark wood

Silver gloss in the bedroom

luxury furnishing ideas elegant chair with silk upholstery in silver

Do you like the smooth contrast between the curtains and the mauve, patterned walls?

luxury chic furnishing ideas striped bedspread

Can you tolerate a little extravagance? Well, look! Below is a showpiece of masterfully curved shapes and ornate ornaments - the bed of Jennifer Lopez.

Tulle lace bed curtains in line with the majestic bedside tables

luxury furnishing ideas canopy with lace curtains

A classic four-poster bed and impressive chandelier

luxury home decor crystal chandelier and silk bedding

A bright purple gives the royal ambience even more refinement

luxury home decor suspended ceiling and lavender curtains

Neo-Baroque meets modernity - elegant fireplace and LED TV

luxury furnishing ideas gold leaf ornaments

The Château of Celine Dion in Quebec

luxury furnishing ideas spiral staircase with railing made of dark wood

Surely the little castle looks exactly like Celin Dion's girl dreams. It was saved at nothing. Everything is perfect - the spiral staircase with a purple runner, the magnificent chandeliers, the golden candlesticks and the cuddly soft Persian carpets.

Heavenly ceiling ornament

luxury home decor roof ornament sky with clouds

Like from a Baroque museum of interior design

luxury chic furnishing ideas Persian carpet and piano

Do you want more? Charles Jouffre?

luxury home decor bang red chair with oval rest

Another noble bedroom design by him

luxury chic furnishing ideas quilted bedspread in cream

 Vittoria Orlandi reminds us once again how Neo-Baroque can look quite contemporary and yet regal. Below is one of her luxury home decorating ideas in gleaming white and gold. Just fabulous!

Who says the castle style is not current?

luxury furnishing ideas bright white with golden accents

Have you already seen the delicate white roses on the pillow?

luxury furnishing ideas headboard with serpentine gold ornaments

An ornamental mirror in heart shape - why not?

luxury home decor glass candlestick with round candles

Is it still not enough for you? Would you like even more shine and pomp? Then just keep on watching and be amazed! The sumptuous luxury furnishing ideas here will definitely make a lasting impression on you and be a valuable source of ideas.

Authenticity and opulence with a new sheen by Uglyanitsa Alexander

luxury furnishing ideas burgundy sofas with striped upholstery

A dining room like in a dream

luxury home decor shiny marble flooring

Renaissance at the present time

luxury home decor wall decor illustration michelangelo art

If you can not choose between gold and silver - Vittoria Orlandi has found the solution for you

luxury furnishing ideas silvery chest of drawers

Masterful golden rocailles

luxury furnishing ideas headboard light gray upholstered

Royal lightness with a modern aftertaste

luxury furnishing ideas cuddly soft round stool covered with velvet

Timeless and comfortable

luxury furnishing ideas elegant canopy bed with white curtains

The beauty hides in detail

luxury furnishing ideas golden ornaments baroque furniture

Earth colors, velvety ottoman and window arcade - adequate comfort

luxury furnishing ideas plush ottoman in hellgau