12 interior designs in Italian style – chic ambience

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 12 interior designs in the Italian style - the flair of the Italian house

No holidays planned abroad? You can still feel the feeling of the old world of Italy with these ideas of an Italian designer.

Every other year my family goes on what we call a "big trip".

My husband chose Tokyo for our last big trip. We had so much fun - the Japanese culture is wonderful. This time it's my turn and I chose Italy. I am Italian and I have never been to Italy. My ancestors call, so I'm ready to answer the call.

I love the Italian architecture, especially the old Tuscan country house style. I love Italian furniture and textiles. So you can imagine how excited I am before this trip. There are so many ways to bring the best of Italy home. Join me to take a look at some wonderful Italian accents.

Textiles. The fabric on this chair is called Fortuny, named after its designer, Mariano Fortuny

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Born in Granada, Spain, Fortuny moved to Venice and remained there until his death in 1949. In his Venetian workshop he designed textiles, costumes and lighting and developed the machines that make his textiles. His workshop remains today in Venice as a museum.

Vintage furniture

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 This is a Vintage Florentine Dresser. The surface contains gold leaf details. This style of furniture was common in the 40s and 50s. Other common pieces in this style are nesting tables, mirrors, picture frames and trays, called Florentine Toleware.

Rustic accessories

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Formal table settings

interior designs in italian style furnishing wall decoration dark Some of my favorite things my mother gave me were some vintage Italian tablecloths from my grandmother. I appreciate these tablecloths and often use them for family gatherings. This apartment in Rome is beautifully decorated with fresh bread, flowers and Italian bed linen.

Terrace - a small table and chairs for gathering are great in warm weather

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Loggias - covered outdoor areas

interior designs in italian style furnishing terrace classic sitting areaA loggia is almost like "outside", but of course the outdoor areas are covered. A loggia is a wonderful addition to a bedroom or dining room.

Gravel driveways

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I love the sound of gravel. It reminds me of home. Gravel is a cheap and low-maintenance material. Available in many colors, it fits in perfectly with Italian architecture.

Exterior stones

outdoor area in italian stl exterior stones stone wall plantsUsual for the Italian landscape, the great stone exterior illustrates rustic, casual living. I adore this architectural style. The imperfect, uneven textures fit my carefree side.

olive trees

interior designs in italian style outdoor area garden footpath The sage green of an olive tree reminds me of my grandmother's garden. I still remember it when I smell bush tomatoes. Olive trees are available in non-fruitous varieties if you do not like the chaos of falling olives. They are also very robust and require little water.

A farm table

interior designs in italian style rustic kitchen pendant lightsTake this farm table with fresh fruits and cheese, crispbread and olive oil for dipping. Oh, and wine, a lot of wine. Now take around 15 people around the table representing all age groups, from babies to 80s. That's how my family's dining area looked like when I was a kid - meals were virtually a contact sport. Farm tables, with all their rustic charm, are perfect for family gatherings.

Restored doors

outdoor area in italian style door wood rustic sconcesWith reclaimed materials, they are a win. They look great and add character to the rustic Italian architecture. Doors, faded with paint, and rusty hardware are authentic, and you get the life of these beautiful architectural remains for future generations.

Reclaimed terracotta roof tiles are my favorite detail in Italian style architecture. Restored tiles are really the best looking, in my opinion. The patina from the years of weathering is actually a bonus. Note the great combination of exterior stone and terracotta tiles here. Well, that's Italian!

Terracotta roof tiles

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