Choose wall color kitchen – 70 ideas on how to design a homely kitchen

wall paint kitchen walls paint ideas purple wall paint kitchen walls design

Wall Paint Kitchen – Which color fits your kitchen interior best?

You should feel as comfortable in the kitchen as you would in any other room in the apartment, right? Just think about how much time do you spend in your kitchen? For many people, the kitchen is little more than a cooking room.

For most people, this is a cozy space where the whole family enjoys the time together. However, some people do not spend much time in the kitchen because the room is sometimes too small. In small kitchens you cook only. But also for cooking you need a pleasant atmosphere! Of course, the kitchen design plays a big role in this! Regardless of whether the kitchen is a simple cooking space for you or something more, that works Wall color kitchen definitely on the room appearance. That’s why we have prepared a beautiful photo series full of inspiring ideas for you. Here’s how to paint the walls in your kitchen. Enjoy these beautiful pictures!

 Wall Paint Kitchen – Dark shades are chic

wall paint kitchen walls painting ideas kitchen black wall paint red kitchen furniture white floor tiles

Wall Paint Kitchen – A gray kitchen looks particularly stylish

wall paint kitchen walls painting ideas kitchen gray wall paint wall tiles open wall shelves

Yellow helps to refresh the kitchen

wall color kitchen yellow walls sloping black kitchen back wall tile

Choosing the right shade for a room can take a long time and cost a lot of effort. One loses oneself in this jumble of colors and color nuances, which one finds on the market. Fortunately, there are recommended shades for each room, which you could stick to in the room design. Certainly a black nursery does not look the best. At the same time, the black wall color gives the bedroom e.g. a male look that’s hard to reach in any other way. But what fits best in the kitchen? Just find out!

Create a colorful kitchen design

wall color kitchen green colored carpet runner blue kitchen island white kitchen cabinets

You can spice up the kitchen in two ways: either choose kitchen cabinets in stark colors or paint the kitchen walls in colorful shades. But as our title says, we focus on the wall paint that you choose for the kitchen. When it comes to the kitchen, white, blue, yellow, green and red are particularly suitable as wall paints for this room. Each of these shades makes the kitchen appear in a different and unique way. By choosing these shades you create a different sense of space. What unites them is the possibility to transform the room into a cozy and appealing room. Psychologists guessed that warm colors such as red stimulate the appetite. This makes red the perfect choice for kitchens. Yellow can also be counted among these colors, which positively affect the appetite. This color also makes the room look brighter, which makes it a great solution for small kitchens.

In the right shade, yellow makes the kitchen particularly comfortable

wall paint kitchen wall painting ideas yellow kitchen fresh kitchen island floor tiles

Red gives the kitchen more character

wall paint kitchen walls paint ideas kitchen red flowers wine rack

Blue is also beautiful in the kitchen. Blue can be used both in its bright shades, as well as in darker tones in the kitchen. It is important to note that you use blue sparingly in kitchen design because otherwise it will be overwhelming. Light blue creates a sense of freshness and cleanness, while dark blue makes the kitchen seem too dark if you do not combine it with other shades.

Combine blue kitchen walls with white kitchen cabinets

wall paint kitchen walls paint ideas kitchen decor blue wall paint beautiful kitchen cabinets wood texture

Is about Wall color kitchen, Green is also a good strategy for the design of kitchen walls. In green, you can paint all four walls of the kitchen, you can also create a beautiful accent wall in this shade, which refreshes the room.

Put green accents in the kitchen

walls painting ideas kitchen design green walls white wall tiles kitchen tiles

Everyday life usually begins in the kitchen. Designed in white, it can give you a good start to your day. This is a functional solution for the kitchen, because you can easily set accents and make the interior more interesting. Gray, on the other hand, is called a cold color, but in the right shade it does wonders in the kitchen. This color is combined successfully with certain shades such as purple and yellow, for example, so that an interior design is made to fall in love.

Nice kitchen in light gray

walls painting ideas kitchen light gray wall paint kitchen island pendant lamps bar stools

Do you already have any idea which color is best for your kitchen? Also look at the following pictures. Maybe you’re impressed by either of them. We wish you every success in designing your dream kitchen!

Create color contrasts in the kitchen

wall paint kitchen walls painting ideas dark wall paint kitchen design ideas open wall shelves

Set up a cozy kitchen

wall paint kitchen walls painting ideas kitchen yellow walls pendant lights kitchen lighting

Spice up the yellow-white kitchen with blue accents

wall paint kitchen walls painting ideas kitchen yellow wall paint blue carpet blue dresser

 Accent wall in light blue refreshes the interior

walls painting ideas kitchen blue accent wall kitchen island

Purple and gray combine in the kitchen

walls painting ideas kitchen purple wall paint gray kitchen cabinets elegant carpet

In orange the kitchen walls look just great

walls paint ideas orange kitchen open shelves

Combine green and gray in style

walls painting ideas green accent wall kitchen cabinets dark floor tiles

The kitchen looks simply charming in pink

wall color kitchen pink small kitchen set up dining area design

Match brown and cream in the kitchen

wall paint kitchen mobalpa kitchen kitchen island lighting accessories

 Blue and white – a direct hit, which also looks great in the kitchen

wall color kitchen blue blue kitchen island set up small kitchen

Combine gray and white correctly

walls paint ideas gray kitchen funktuionale kitchen island

Kitchen walls in gray and gray floor tiles look nice together

wall color kitchen floor tiles kitchen kitchen island gray walls

By creating colorful accents in the kitchen, you can make the kitchen look charming and full of character

walls paint ideas red accent wall white kitchen cabinets

Colored walls bring mood to the kitchen

walls painting ideas kitchen red yellow kitchen back wall mosaic tiles

Red kitchen table brings out the gray kitchen walls better

wall color kitchen dark walls red kitchen table candelabra bright floor tiles

Let the kitchen feel cozy with the right colors

wall paint kitchen fresh discreet cream kitchen cabinets floor tiles

Yellow kitchen with green kitchen cabinets – A fresh kitchen design

walls painting ideas kitchen yellow walls green kitchen cabinets

Combine bright walls with dark floors

walls painting ideas ikea kitchen cream walls kitchen cabinets brown floor tiles

Create attractive cuisine in mild shades

walls painting ideas kitchen fresh decent floor tiles flowers

Red and white make a beautiful color contrast in the kitchen

wall paint kitchen candlesticks white kitchen cabinets window

Rural kitchen with green walls

walls painting ideas kitchen beige wall paint kitchen island plants

walls decorate ideas small kitchen design light gray wall paint

walls painting ideas green wall paint kitchen strip carpet

walls painting ideas kitchen blue wall paint candles

walls painting ideas kitchen design yellow kitchen cabinets white wall paint

walls painting ideas kitchen orange walls kitchen island

walls painting ideas kitchen orange wall paint colored kitchen back wall

wall paint kitchen green colored floor tiles pendant lights

wall paint kitchen blue accent wall white walls kitchen island

wall color kitchen brown cozy kitchen design kitchen island bar stool

wall paint kitchen subtle wall design storage baskets flowers

wall paint kitchen colored walls floor tiles kitchen cabinets

wall paint kitchen fabulous kitchen walls shape kitchen island bar stools

wall color kitchen yellow kitchen kitchen island flowers

wall paint kitchen yellow zebra carpet floor tiles

walls decorate ideas kitchen gray accent wall white kitchen furniture

wall paint kitchen gray wall design kitchen island mirror surfaces

wall color kitchen green kitchen walls white kitchen cabinets yellow kitchen cabinet

wall color kitchen green shabby chic style pink accents great candlestick

wall paint kitchen bright wall design traditional kitchen fruit

wall color kitchen light yellow walls kitchen island candlestick

wall color kitchen light gray white kitchen decor kitchen design

wall paint kitchen light green carpet runner traditional kitchen cabinets

walls painting ideas kitchen cream wall paint kitchen table carpet runner

walls painting ideas kitchen colored wall design white kitchen cupboards mirror surfaces

walls painting ideas white kitchen kitchen island led lighting

walls painting ideas kitchen blue walls blue kitchen furniture dining table

walls painting ideas kitchen cream orange kitchen cabinets kitchen table

walls painting ideas kitchen green kitchen walls floor tiles kitchen

walls painting ideas kitchen green traditional kitchen cabinets functional kitchen island floor tiles

walls painting ideas kitchen bright walls wooden floor bar stools open plan

walls painting ideas kitchen red wall design orange kitchen cabinets kitchen design ideas


walls painting ideas kitchen black accent wall floor tiles kitchen island

walls painting ideas kitchen wallpaper green kitchen island white kitchen cabinets fancy candlesticks

walls decorating ideas kitchen wall tiles kitchen round dining table dining area

walls decorating ideas fresh kitchen oranger carpet modern barstool

wall decorating ideas kitchen orange accent wall setting up small kitchen

walls painting ideas beige kitchen dining area carpet

walls decorating ideas kitchen white kitchen furniture vanity units

walls painting ideas kitchen wall design ideas white kitchen island open wall shelves