20 great pantry ideas – food storage

great pantry ideas kitchen beans glasses pasta spices

Great pantry ideas in the kitchen - 20 suggestions

What can you store in a pantry in the kitchen? What you want, of course: jam jars, gherkins, pickles, pasta, sauces, cookbooks, wine bottles and many other foods that should not be stored in the fridge or freezers.

You can even put a washing machine, iron and ironing board there if you do not have a dedicated laundry room. There are many different ways to arrange a pantry. For example, if this is a single room, it may have matching doors that will make your pantry look like a built-in wardrobe. On the other hand, they can be easily separated by curtains. The pantry can also be part of the kitchen.

Here are a few great pantry ideas for your kitchen that could help you with your kitchen organization.

20 great pantry ideas that are appropriate for small kitchens

single room fruit vegetable canned flour pantry

Compact pantry in a single room

green walls idea pantry kitchen design

Elegant blue kitchen and a wooden built-in cupboard serves as a larder

kitchen design interior arranging idea pantry

Compact design solution in the kitchen

pantry single room white kitchen idea

Practical pantry in the kitchen area

pantry wood kitchen cabinet store food spices

Dark wood - compact pantry

pantry idea kitchen blue wall wood cupboard

Preserves and grains in the pantry

pantry preserves cans pickles wooden cupboard shelves

The door from the pantry

pantry great idea kitchen keep food

Original and practical idea for pantry in the kitchen

stylish pantry design idea kitchen white colors

Stylish white equipment in the kitchen

stylish white wood pantry idea kitchens

Old but attractive door - idea for the kitchen organization

great pantry ideas kitchen old fashioned old

  The pantry in a single room - compact and practical

great pantry ideas kitchen cornflakes

Keep food in the pantry

great pantry ideas kitchen dark wood

Modern equipment in the kitchen

great pantry ideas kitchen modern practical

Cooking pots, spices, sauces, bowl, dishes in the pantry

great pantry ideas kitchen shelves food pots

A built-in wardrobe used as a pantry

great pantry ideas kitchen tea cane

Another thematic idea for the storage and arrangement in the kitchen

great pantry ideas keep kitchen wall shelves

White pantry for the small kitchen


Refined proposal - classic cuisine

wall shelves kitchen furniture idea classic pantry store