Kitchen Island at Home – 30 Stylish Home Decorations for Your Kitchen

kitchen island in gray tones

Set up kitchen island at home

The kitchen island is a practical and convenient solution for kitchen equipment. The only downside is that it takes up more space, but it has a multifunctional character. Today we want to give you some practical ideas and tips for the kitchen island in every modern home.

We hope you enjoy our rich picture gallery as well and can also help you to design your kitchen as a source of inspiration.

The kitchen island is a convenient and practical piece of furniture that greatly facilitates the organization of kitchen work. It brings a certain variety to the interior of the kitchen, gives the ambience there a lot of comfort and delights the fans of the culinary arts to show off their culinary talents right on the kitchen island.

Are you looking for a minimalist interior?

kitchen island white pedestal dark worktop

Or rather in a warmer atmosphere?

Kitchens round with marble surface and glass tops

For vintage fans, this solution is just perfect

kitchen island vintage style with many compartments

Kitchen island and dining table in one for larger families

kitchen island system with drawers dining table and chairs

Modern lightness and multifunctionality

kitchen island sliding door cupboard

The problem is that a kitchen island needs more and more space, so you can attach them only in large kitchens or rooms, where kitchen and dining room are together in one room. So that the cook is not disturbed when preparing food, you must calculate the appropriate area in the kitchen in advance: from the kitchen island to the kitchen cabinets you have at least a meter away and the kitchen itself must be about 3.5 meters long. The best would be if your kitchen island is a meter wide, otherwise the presence of the kitchen island would be pointless.

Chic kitchen design with a touch of Provence

kitchens island rustic in purple

If you like it very simple and rustic

kitchens sturdy with woven baskets

Spacious with sink

kitchen island square with drawers

It is wrong to consider the kitchen island as a simple rectangular piece of furniture, such as a chest of drawers, which should necessarily be in the middle of the kitchen. The shapes, materials and sizes are of course quite different depending on the taste of the homeowner and also depend on how large the kitchen space is. The kitchen island may look square, round, in the shape of a horseshoe or the letter S, may be pointed at one end or have a wide worktop - the range is really rich.

Do you like the organic curved shapes in design?

kitchen island high modern with stove and sink

You just do not see any corners - everything is flowing and supple

kitchens oval shape and glass

Orange and high gloss

kitchen island orange in high gloss

In addition, this practical piece of furniture can fulfill different functions. Sometimes the kitchen island has a built in stove and oven, sometimes there is a sink and in some cases the kitchen island is a dining table with extra shelves where you can arrange your baskets with different products, your cooking reading and the dishes.

Traditional and chic in cobalt blue

kitchens in cobalt blue with microwave

You can keep the bread and the potato directly on the kitchen island

kitchens with side cabinets for food

Your chilled drinks are always at hand

kitchens with refrigerated shelves

The small salad bar can also be very multifunctional

kitchens with garbage bin

However, the structure of the kitchen block should always meet the needs of the cook. In some cases it is built entirely of drawers of various sizes, sometimes half of the kitchen island or even the whole can serve as a work surface for food preparation. Usually, the kitchen island is equipped with many cupboards or shelves where you can exhibit your favorite items or keep handy things handy.

An elegant walnut kitchen system

kitchens with lower cabinets

Modern minimalism in red

kitchen island with sink in coral red

Generous with sink and stove

kitchen island with built-in shelf

Of course, what you keep in the cabinets of the kitchen island depends entirely on your wishes. Here is just a good tip from us: there you can also make a few bottles of good wine, so it is always in the immediate vicinity and yet well stored!

Traditional with display cabinet

kitchens with display cabinet

Very flexible with sofa

kitchen island with sofa and pillows

A chic mini version

kitchen island small and simple

Bright white with table and elegant chairs

kitchens in white with additional table

Eclectic chic in azure

kitchen island in turquoise with shiny metal edges

Wood with coarse grain and high gloss in black - a harmonious contrast

kitchen island in high gloss black

Rectangular in the mountain hut style

kitchens glossy worktop in black and natural stones

A modern Zeitgeist feeling

kitchen island digital design red barstool

Walnut, marble and matt-finished steel

kitchens made of walnut wood and marble

Dining table with cupboards

Kitchens as a dining table with chairs

A very elegant solution for the discreet taste

kitchen island elegantly made of dark wood

So, as you can see, the benefits of a kitchen island for a modern kitchen are actually inexhaustible.