Modern small kitchen designs – to make the most of it

modern small kitchens designs rustic wood flooring gleaming

Modern small kitchen designs - to make the most of it

For city dwellers and those who live in small but well-designed houses, a small kitchen is usually a fact that they simply have to accept. In many ways, tiny kitchens, like any other small space in your home, can be both a challenge and a blessing for you.

While every element you need in your small kitchen can be troublesome, and you always have to figure out where to put it, it's much easier to grasp what you need and where to cut the excess.

If the small kitchen is arranged correctly, this is a good way to avoid confusion. Here are some useful hints to get the most out of your small kitchen.

  • Storage is your best friend. As you already know from living in a smaller house, it is extremely important to create extra storage space wherever possible. While this may seem impossible at first glance, there are many places for hidden departments - such as new drawers and the compartment placed in a niche.

To make the most of small kitchens

modern small kitchens designs traditional dining room

  • Use the space on the wall. Instead of picking up valuable drawer space, hang knives and other cutlery on a magnetic strip on the wall. Use the pot shelves to clear the cupboards and use your vertical space as much as possible by storing baskets, bowls and other items in the space between the cupboards and the ceiling.

Elegant and compact kitchen for small apartments

modern small kitchens designs traditional dining room countertop

  • Disarm. Get rid of everything you do not need or rarely use. For example, if you live alone or with just one other person, you probably do not need ten different casseroles. You also do not need twenty plates or thirty glasses. Choose only what you need and sell or donate the rest.

Bright, comfortable atmosphere

modern small kitchens designs white built in cupboard trolley

  • Bring the storage outside the kitchen. If you have larger items, such as a commercial blender or earthenware pot that you rarely use, find another place to store it. Unless your guests rummage through your belongings, no one will ever know that your linen closet also serves as a secondary pantry. When it comes to small spaces, sometimes you need a bit of creativity to become practical.

Minimalist, functional interior in the kitchen area

modern small kitchens designs traditionally dark ambiente

Further design inspirations for the small kitchen

modern small kitchens designs white furnishing furnishing

A typical garden kitchen - fresh flowers

modern small kitchens designs flower vases sink roller shutters

Smooth kitchen worktop, wide sink for more functionality

modern small kitchen designs countertop smooth practical

Hotplate and worktop in the room stand against each other

modern small kitchens designs beige shades

Gray shades, shine and tradition

modern small kitchen designs gray color palette contemporary

Metallic table top serves as kitchen worktop

Modern small kitchens designs metal surface table top

Comfortable seating area by the window in the kitchen area

modern small kitchens designs seating by the window cushions

Soft lighting

Modern small kitchens designs pendant lamp ball soft light

Practical, massive kitchen shelves and drawers

Modern small kitchens designs shelves tableware glasses plates