Design kitchen island and peninsula – practical ideas

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Kitchen Island and Peninsula - versatility, adaptability and flexibility

Kitchen island and peninsula increase the efficiency of cooking and you can enjoy a natural view instead of looking at the wall. They are characterized by versatility, adaptability and flexibility. They are used for cooking, rinsing and are convenient for fast food.

They easily turn into a self-service buffet at a party and have plenty of room for a stove top and a second sink.

Kitchen island and peninsula - comfortable and modern decision in every kitchen

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Kitchens fit very well in U-shaped and L-shaped kitchens. Do not build an island in kitchens where the work areas are on opposite walls. Leave at least a meter of free space around the island.

Unlike the island, the kitchen peninsula has a short end that is attached at right angles to a wall or kitchen cupboards. The peninsula is as versatile and flexible as the island and requires less floor space.

Kitchen pen - saves space and boosts efficiency

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Kitchen Design Tips:

An island or peninsula with several jobs is ideal for two or more cooks.

It is convenient and not very complicated to install a sink on the island or peninsula if you have an accessible pipeline.

In the large kitchens, the islands are ideal for multiple work surfaces.

Be careful with the electrical equipment as the children could accidentally pull the cords.

Kitchen island with built-in drawers peninsula kitchen island kitchen counter oven cabinets working areas

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Kitchen island in innovative, aesthetic and practical form

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Several kitchen islands - optimal workplace

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Big kitchens are perfect for island

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Colorful kitchen inspiration

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