Professionally designing open kitchen shelves – practical tips for you

open kitchen shelves and ceiling beams of light wood

Open kitchen shelves - practical tips for professional design

Surely many of you have open kitchen shelves at home or are about to get some.

Who does not like the pictures of beautiful, open shelves. And where would you put all the rest?

Below is all you need to do for a chic and neat look of the open shelves.

In addition, you'll see some advice on what you should not do, so that the good results will have a lasting effect.

Open Kitchen Shelves - Start from scratch!

You can not shape well when the shelves are full of items. Yes, it is not easy to empty everything, but in this case, it really is worth it!

Use items from the kitchen for a graphic appeal. All items of a good brand will look wonderful in a group as a decoration.

Remember what you will use every day

open kitchen shelves matt glossy hood

Be practical in deciding what to put on the lowest shelves. There are certainly some plates that you do not use every day.

The heavy plates are not on the highest shelves

Think about safety and do not place heavy objects there, even if they are annoying.

Opt for happy color collections

open kitchen shelves white wall tiles china bowls

You can integrate a color in all elements of the kitchen. It's worth it.

Remove everything that looks superfluous

open kitchen cabinets made of wood painted white

Do not fill the kitchen with too many items

open kitchen shelves made of thin wood panels

When designing small spaces, you should be extremely critical. Choose a single main color and reduce the design to basic items.

Design the different workstations

open kitchen shelves symmetrical marble countertop

Think of all activities that will occur. It can be cooking, baking, making coffee and other things.

Break up

open kitchen shelves made of elegant walnut wood

Create a visually appealing design by combining beautiful, small items.

Focus on no more than two materials

open kitchen shelves with long dark wood boards

Wood, ceramics, glass, metal ... All these can be beautiful. However, you should opt for one substance or two.

Glass should be used with care

If you live in an unstable region or area, you should be very careful when designing with glass to avoid injury in a crisis situation.

Choose beautiful storage containers

open kitchen shelves in the corner brick wall in white

Rarely are the original packs so beautiful that you can use them. You should rather choose beautiful vessels for their storage.

Consider the proximity

open kitchen cupboards kitchen back wall with white tiles

Do you have open kitchen shelves next to the sink? Store in these the everyday dishes. There you should keep the often used cooking utensils and spices.

Do not allow the accumulation of much dust

open kitchen shelves black granite countertop

The open shelves near stoves quickly collect dust and oil. Wipe regularly and so they will always be in wonderful condition.

Use decorative details reasonably

open kitchen shelves wallpaper with retro patterns

Open kitchen shelves are a natural place to exhibit beautiful decoration. There you can make the room very personal. But be careful not to overdo it.

Do not worry about the top shelves!

Open kitchen cabinets sturdy wooden with coarse grain

It is normal for the top shelf to be empty or almost empty. This should only be used in an emergency. Just worry about it! Professional kitchen shelving can be fun, right?