20 Scandinavian kitchen designs – attractive decor ideas

modern kitchen area countertop interior design blue walls

20 Scandinavian kitchen designs - attractive decor ideas

Scandinavian kitchens are widely recognized for their open-minded atmosphere and modern style. Not to mention that they consistently express such elements as white walls, wooden details and colorful accents in the form of fabrics and other colored ornaments.

Today we will introduce you to 20 of the best Scandinavian kitchens - from serene white rooms to the rural interior design that evokes that warm feeling of security, as if you were in a cabin.

Another series of Scandinavian kitchens includes metal accents, clean lines and sculptural details through special items such as B. pendant lights. Read on to discover more ideas for a modern kitchen design, and browse the photos in our gallery with pleasure. You'll probably get the impulse to pick up some Scandinavian-style elements in your own kitchen ...

Cheerful interiors

The Scandinavian kitchens are often decorated with white walls, which create a beautiful canvas for colorful accents and other modern decorative elements, such as: B. metal components. Below, we see both - a colorful and a metallic sheen - in a lacy, the modern design celebrating kitchen available. [Source: IKEA]

Compact Scandinavian kitchen - white kitchen mirror

kitchen designs white kitchen mirror back wall

Sometimes a white background is all you need to make one or two cans of color really eye-catching. The light-orange chair on the next picture captivates the view, though it is only one aspect in the multi-faceted room.

Dinette and kitchen counter in one room - bright accents

Scandinavian kitchen designs wood table top orange dining chairs

Note the strategic use of the colors in the white kitchen pictured below, along with the dots that adorn the white drinking cup on the shelf above the sink. Other enlightening nuances are added by the surrounding objects, as well as by the two patterned objects - a towel and a tray.

Many kitchen shelves store the dishes

Scandinavian kitchens designs kitchen cabinets bowls dishes

Sculptured objects are particularly interesting if they have been integrated into a kitchen painted entirely in white. In the next room, a spherical pendant lamp and a bookshelf cabinet with segmented compartments form two artistic focal points, primarily because the lamp hangs from above and the cabinet is bright orange!

Contemporary, dramatic cuisine

Scandinavian kitchen designs luxury interior dining area

A fresh interior does not necessarily have to be dazzling white. Light blue will fulfill this requirement well! The walls of the kitchen portrayed below are the color of the sky and are illuminated by the sunlight that flows in through spacious windows.

Rustic, Scandinavian kitchen design - pale blue walls brighten up the space

Scandinavian kitchens designs kitchen cabinets rustic blue wall

When we talk about big windows, the light and airy kitchen shown below is simply breathtaking because of the use of clean lines and open spaces. An ultramodern Scandinavian design in its finest form!

Clean and clean lines in the kitchen area

Scandinavian kitchen designs bright airy interior

In other stimulating spaces wood and metal details play a strongly dominant role. But instead of acting bald and poor, they create a cozy, industrial atmosphere especially thanks to the sophisticated use of the space on the walls for storing kitchen accessories especially in this kitchen.

Metallic look in the kitchen area

Scandinavian kitchen designs wood metallic gleaming

Sexy pattern

While many Scandinavian kitchens have a distinctively modern look, an equal number of different designs and patterns are used to add a personal touch and generate warmth. The kitchen belonging to a 1908 apartment, which you see below, has floral patterned edges. Such accents grace the Scandinavian heritage of the homeowner.

Combination of tradition and modernity can be seen in this kitchen area

Scandinavian kitchen designs wood tabletop traditional modern

Fabrics are a very simple tip on how to bring a little color into the room. On the next picture we see an assortment of towels and napkins, some of them patterned or colored in rich colors.

Typical traditional Scandinavian fabrics

Scandinavian kitchen designs wood fabric plate

An excellent way to add color, texture, and patterning to the kitchen design would be to order a Scandinavian rug, such as the Swedish rugs from Scandinavian Made shown below. The weave motifs give the kitchen attractiveness and style by bringing in the color of the handmade, which contrasts wonderfully with the clean lines of modern details.

Scandinavian carpet - interesting patterns

Scandinavian kitchen designs wood Swedish carpet

In the Scandinavian kitchens, stripes are a very popular pattern. The next picture shows a colorfully striped carpet, which fits in very well with the "stripes" of the pink heater and creates a lively effect in this interplay.

White kitchen interior - wood folding table serves as a dining area

Scandinavian kitchen designs compact space white bright

In the kitchen shown below, the stripes are classically drawn in marine blue and white! Furrowed walls, woven baskets and beach design are brought to life more intensely by a nautically striped runner.

Extensive kitchen has kitchen worktop and dining area

Scandinavian kitchen designs wood large room wood flooring

In the next room, the stripes spread over the walls, turning their elegant two-tone drawing into the predominant pattern of the entire Scandinavian-style kitchen! Notice how white-painted cabinets, a retro clock and a triad pendulum lights contribute to the refinement of this classic look.

Bold black and white striped walls

Scandinavian kitchen designs striped walls

Once again, a kitchen painted in light blue is presented here, and this shade is completed in a tasteful way by a red-and-white striped runner resting on the floor of natural wood.

Scandinavian kitchen designs wood sea blue wall design

The warm effect of wood accents and paneling

We would not be able to tell you all about the Scandinavian kitchens, but we can not leave out some wooden accents. Warm wood accents could indeed transform the room to look like a real farmhouse, and also enhance the expressiveness of modern design elements, as shown by the chic room below.

Scandinavian kitchen designs wood table frame window ceiling

Metal and wood combine in the kitchen shown below to create a unique atmosphere, complemented by the island bar with built-in compartments for wine storage. Stainless steel kitchen appliances give the finishing touch!

Scandinavian kitchen designs contemporary interior

The seats in lime green below are not the only stars in the shown kitchen! The oak tree accents given by the cabinets' construction material stand out against the backdrop of white walls and drawers.

Scandinavian kitchen designs wood green bar stools

Sometimes wood interiors have the charm of a country cottage, especially when a fireplace and a plaid join in! In the Scandinavian-style room below, the charm of a ski lodge is easily reached by using wooden-clad walls and a wooden floor. And in addition a deer head ...

Scandinavian kitchen designs wood pendant lights carpet

The wooden structure presented in the next picture, with a counter, built-in washbasin and drawers, is a solid piece of furniture boasting a glittering pattern of grain and the ability to create a showcase for vibrant accents like bowls of products.

Scandinavian kitchen designs wood countertop cabinet

Now we conclude with a Scandinavian kitchen, which is characterized by a rich wood covering, as well as pendant lights and black accents. White walls make the room more captivating than austere.

Scandinavian kitchen designs wood large space massive furniture

Now that you've gotten to know a Scandinavian-style piece, let us know your favorite design ideas. Do you prefer entirely white-painted kitchens with only single color trains or are you fascinated by the wood interiors? Enjoy patterned textiles, such as B. woven carpets? Or maybe you're taken by the fresh, well-contoured rooms with a minimum of accents. Express your thoughts by writing a comment below ...