50 modern kitchen design ideas – trendy and classic kitchens

dining table chairs upholstered furniture modern kitchen design ideas

Three Kitchen Styles - Traditional, Modern and Transitional Style

The choice and the decision is yours

 Contemporary kitchen design tends to be modern, minimalist and geometric. The features include horizontal lines, asymmetry and scarcity of shapes and other ornamentation. The components and materials are mostly artificial as natural: stainless steel, laminate, frosted glass, concrete, linoleum, chrome and lacquer.

The contemporary surrounds styles from the 1940s to the present, with Europe leading Italy, Germany and Scandinavia.

 The traditional kitchens have a formal, elegant look and characterize the typical American and European homes of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.

The living styles of this category include: Victorian, Contemporary Edward VII, Georgian, Regency style, Old American and Neoclassical. Ornate shapes and jewelery are typical and characteristic here. Elegant kitchen cabinets in cherry, walnut and mahogany, as well as antique accessories and kitchen appliances.

Modern kitchen design Ideas in transition style include both traditional and contemporary interiors. After the eclectic character, natural and artificial substances as well as textures and insertions mix.

 To emphasize the modern instead of the classic in a transitional style kitchen, one should play with the lighting and the color palette in the room. Bamboo flooring and attractive kitchen appliances should be put on display rather than hidden behind the panels.

Modern kitchen design ideas

old english country house kitchen holzbalekn chandelier

Kitchen in the attic

attic kitchen design wood kitchen island stool

Dark blue surfaces add amazing effect

dark blue motif textures compact dining table built-in kitchen cabinet

Massive kitchen furniture

wood marble surfaces sink traditional style modern kitchen design ideas

Traditional kitchen equipment

dining table marble surface chandelier traditional design

Modern dining room table with chairs - leather upholstery

dining table with chairs adjustable modern modern kitchen design ideas

Kitchen and dining area in one - for large families

dining table chairs upholstered kitchen design

Breakfast table - glass top and stool with backrests

marble glass table top stool lean modern kitchen design ideas

Solid kitchen worktop

large kitchen cabinet wood ceiling lights kitchen island

Olive wall design

green wall design kitchen chandelier kitchen island stool

Classic kitchen design

bright ambiente kitchen small furnishing ceiling lamp marble countertop

Set up a small kitchenwood kitchen cabinet flooring stove ceiling lights kitchen island

High kitchen stools around the kitchen island

wood surfaces kitchen cabinet fridge lights

Kitchen stool with rattan seats

lines living room chandelier rattan stool modern kitchen design ideas

Sitting area furnished in the small kitchen

small kitchen set up dinette wooden table chairs pillows

Everything necessary for the kitchen on just one wall

small kitchen set up traditionally kitchen back wall tiles

The sunflowers bring a sunny ambience here

small kitchen design kitchen island sink sunflowers

Contemporary and small - modern kitchen design ideas

kitchen equipment sink staircase design modern kitchen design ideas

Indirect, soft light

kitchen island middle room current trend

Design small kitchen to taste

kitchen island polished shiny modern kitchen equipment

Peculiar kitchen back wall

kitchen back wall artfully floral kitchen cabinet transition style

Transition style

kitchen back wall white ceiling lamps stool kitchen island

Natural stone and shiny, modern insertions

refrigerator wood flooring natural stone wall modern kitchen design ideas

Wall mounted kitchen cabinets

Bright kitchen counter sink drawers kitchen cabinet

Purple color scheme in the kitchen

purple wall design kitchen furnishing countertop

Kitchen furniture in mahogany wood

mahogany kitchen island ceiling lights modern kitchen design ideas

Masculine appearance

masculine kitchen design dark wood clear lines

  Several kitchen worktops

Modern kitchen design ideas wood stool wood countertop

Ceiling-high kitchen back wall made of dark red tiles

wood kitchen back wall transitional style Modern kitchen design ideas

Enough storage space offer here the kitchen furniture

wood Modern kitchen design ideas kitchen back wall

Various ingredients and materials make up this kitchen in transitional style

Wooden white Modern kitchen design ideas kitchen cabinet

Bookshelves - cookbooks

Modern kitchen design ideas kitchen island cookbooks

Wooden kitchen island in the middle of the room

Modern kitchen design ideas kitchen island white

White painted brick walls work rural

marble kitchen back wall Modern kitchen design ideas

Bright wood texture throughout the room

ceiling shelves original wood extension wall kitchen island

Living and dining area - attractive leather sofa in red

upholstered sofa leather red kitchen furniture living room

Rattan furniture is not just for gardening

rattan chairs round dining table flowers sink

Antique motifs and traditional furnishings

black stool kitchens rustic traditional furnishing

Indoor plants liven up the living atmosphere in the kitchen

planting window kitchen sink kitchen worktop

Kitchen shelves - colorful ceramic plates

ceramic dish sink room plants colorful kitchen

Mix of modern and classic

wooden chairs traditional kitchen furniture furniture hanging lamps

Transitional style in the kitchen to your attention

conventional kitchen cabinet kitchen design

Purple wall - currently this year

trendy purple color kitchen equipment black kitchen cabinet white tile mirror

Shine and sparkle - ceiling lighting

transitional style modern classic marble kitchen interior

Inviting ambience

kitchen island wood warm trendy kitchen roof window

Warm, bright atmosphere

mixed materials roof windows white kitchen island wood

Hanging lamps over the kitchen island

kitchen cabinet flooring white black textures

Contemporary and minimalist

black white kitchen island stool contemporary

Brick Wall in the kitchen

brick wall design stool strip backrest sink

Antique kitchen design

roomdeck viewpoint ceiling lighting traditional kitchen