Direct and indirect lighting for kitchen

Lighting kitchen pendant lights direct light

Direct and indirect lighting kitchen - illuminate this room fitting and attractive

As is well known, the way we perceive the colors and other aspects of the device depends on the quality of the lighting. That is why different types of lighting are also suitable for the different zones and rooms at home.

Everything has to be clear and visible in the kitchen. This is essential for health and also for the care. In order for everything to run optimally, you need a great combination of direct and indirect lighting. Both are sometimes used together, sometimes separately.

Illuminate the worktop

lighting kitchen kitchen cabinets lights modern interior

The kitchen cabinets illuminate attractive

Lighting kitchen kitchen cabinets candlesticks

There are also trends in lighting

indirect lighting kitchen kitchen cabinets wood texture

The common lighting

The common indirect lighting kitchen is here, unlike many other rooms, absolutely mandatory. Especially with the modern open plans it would be great to have a softer light when eating. But that alone is not enough. Surely you also need other sources.

The different areas illuminated by different chandeliers

indirect lighting kitchen LED light hanging lamps

Above the kitchen island and the place to eat should be the direct lighting.

The places where you need an excellent and optimally adapted lighting are the dining table and the kitchen island. Highly regarded here are the slightly lowered ceilings, from which hang the lights down. With the kitchen corner you can save a lamp if the hood, which is usually located above it, has its own light sources.

Ceiling lights and hanging lamps combine

indirect lighting kitchen ceiling lights pendant lights

Hang pendant lights over the kitchen island

indirect lighting kitchen ceiling lighting kitchen island direct lighting

Illuminate the open wall shelves with wall lights

lighting kitchen wall lights pendant lights kitchen island

So get a direct light on the kitchen island

lighting kitchen kitchen island illuminate hanging lamps

Stylish approach to lighting the kitchen

indirect lighting kitchen direct lighting kitchen island

LED strip and luminous floor on the upper row of cabinets

The indirect lighting in the kitchen, which comes from the furniture itself, is becoming increasingly popular. Above all, she finds a job here. You can make your own project out of it. Look at the room and note the places that look gloomy. Provide these with the special LED strips to illuminate them. In the work area, you should opt for jobs that do not blind you and the other people who prepare something there.

Extractor hood with built-in lights is a functional solution

indirect lighting kitchen direct lighting combination

LED lights are also attractive

Direct lighting kitchen ceiling lights direct lighting kitchen pendant lights

Around the oven and the sink

Especially in these areas we would recommend an installation by professional specialists. Because where water and electricity, or different power sources and heat come together, you would have a lot of experience and knowledge to avoid any danger and to guarantee the safety of the inhabitants.

Take a look at the rest of the examples and you might come up with something interesting for your home.

Classic chandelier in the kitchen

lighting kitchen directly indirect kitchen island candlestick

Black wall lights that accentuate the industrial look of the kitchen

lighting kitchen industrial design wall lights

The lighting fixtures have been positioned very compactly

lighting kitchen rustic dining table white chairs

Put on attractive lighting in the kitchen

lighting kitchen directly pendant lights kitchen island

LED lights are sufficient in some cases

indirect lighting kitchen ceiling lights cozy

Hang a hanging lamp over the dining table

lighting kitchen hanging lamp dining table direct lighting

The kitchen shelves and the cabinets suitably illuminate

indirect lighting kitchen wall shelves illuminate ceiling lighting

Something strange lighting fixtures

indirect lighting kitchen lights wall lamps colored carpet

Pendant lights over the worktop will illuminate them directly and facilitate the work in the kitchen

lighting kitchen pendant lights direct light

Illuminate the stove

lighting kitchen kitchen cabinets herd plants

Hanging lamps with glass lampshades are elegant

lighting kitchen kitchen island shelves hanging lamps