50 modern country kitchens – kitchen planning and rustic kitchen furniture

wine barrel table top stool rustic country kitchen

Kitchen equipment ideas - country style

When it comes to interior design, you need to know it, the architectural style of your home will dictate your selections. If your apartment is designed in transitional style. They are probably prone to the modern, sleek style of living. For example, a bungalow can be well-equipped with DIY home accessories and minimalist style furniture.

And if you live in the countryside or in the forest, you will not be wrong with the country house style.
Here are some tips on how to do it modern Cottage Kitchen can shape.

Very often one combines the country house style with the area, where one lives. To create a rustic touch in the kitchen, you can be inspired by nature outside. Kitchen cabinets made of natural wood are very thematic for this style of living. This also applies to the flooring, it should be consistent with the kitchen furniture. Try combining the color scheme in the room with the natural environment, when you see beautiful nature views from home. The southwestern, rural design demands red, green and brown colors. The typical color palette of the country house style shows lighter blue, orange and yellow tones.

50 modern country kitchens to your attention

pine beams modern country kitchen

Hickory tree, alder wood and cherry are the types of wood that you can install in the rustic kitchen. But none of these woods can represent the rural charm as well as the pine. Their wood textures range from dark brown to deep orange. Kitchen cabinets, worktops and kitchen islands. The pine heartwood is an absolute must in the country house style. Just ask the manufacturer for knotty pine.

Many kitchens furnished in other living styles show us tiled flooring, but hardwood is the essence of country style! Opt for natural flooring without shine. The pine tree is again the best choice here - pinewood is delicate, smooth, long lasting on flooring made of wide boards and planks.

Storage in the kitchen

shelves bowls kitchen counter kitchen cabinet

Wooden beams on the ceiling should definitely be issued, which ensures the rustic feel. Strebewerke and beams are in most modern country kitchens to see. Best of all, these inserts are not expensive but reasonably priced and easy to find. Some pre-made beams are all you need. They look like the real ones but are not supportive.

Keep the natural look in the room. For this purpose, the hardwood floor is better than the tiles or the linoleum. Use other natural materials to complete the country style. Stone is a great choice for the kitchen countertops and there are numerous shades and patterns to choose from. The wrought iron matches the country kitchen kitchens, so add some flower pots, cookbooks and bread boxes.

Pale colors and traditional solutions

pale colors wood boards wood beams kitchen rail pans

Light blue kitchen cabinets

blue kitchen cabinet wood flooring oven

Rustic and modern at the same time - transitional style

Flooring tiles beams wood kitchen island

Wide wooden boards

flooring wood board white kitchen island shelves plate

Meaningful decorative items

wide boards wood kitchen cabinet sink country style

Arrangement and storage system

wide wood board plate shelves flowers kitchen rustic

Remarkable ceiling light

ceiling lamp glass bubbles table top rustic style

Chandelier - classic design

ceiling light kitchen dining room stool dining table

Objective and robust

dining table bench chairs wall mirror country kitchen

Porcelain, patterns and colors - what a pleasant kitchen

dining table chairs rustic country kitchens

Fresh spring decoration for the dining room table

dining tablecloth apple pattern flower vase window

Yellow color design

yellow wall design wall clock shelves tiles oven

Monochromatic and rustic - pendant lights in the dining room

gray surfaces lampshades pendant lights wood

Rattan lampshades

Wooden wall kitchen rail metal rattan ceiling lights

Trim system in the country kitchen

coffered ceiling kitchen rustic flooring wood

Wall shelf shows beautiful decorative items in the kitchen - Do you like cooking too?

cook kitchen cabinet stove tile shelves

Wall design slate

chandelier table roll blackboard wall design

The typical, rustic motifs pictured here

kitchen beams carpet runner kitchen counter sink window

Cozy and traditional

kitchen country style dining table with wooden chairs

Practical small kitchen plan

kitchen island gray wood boards chandelier shelves

Robust, solid surfaces

kitchen island stool stone wood beam flooring

Ceiling-high kitchen rear wall and wall shelves where the plates are stored

kitchen island wood boards shelf kitchen back wall stool

Kitchen utensils and plates on the shelves exhibit

kitchens modern country style tub shelves rail

Rattan baskets here and there add more rustic charm

kitchen back wall white tile chair side table rattan basket flowers

Wall shelves and kitchen rails look authentic

kitchen rail cups plates shelves rustic modern country style

Fresh room flowers

kitchen cabinet kitchen counter shelves cookbooks

Rustic kitchen cupboard

kitchen cabinet shelves wooden beams dining table country kitchens

Modern country kitchen

country style kitchen countertop carpet shelves

Massive kitchen furniture made of pine

country style kitchen pine furniture carpet kitchen island

Wall design with stone

modern kitchen rustic style wall design natural stone

Glass lid everywhere in the room

modern country kitchen kitchen back wall white tiles

Upper kitchen cabinets and stone worktop

worktop board kitchen back wall modern country kitchen

Small kitchen in a rustic style

Modern country kitchen flooring wood chandelier

Modern and rustic at the same time

modern country kitchen kitchens stool sink kitchen cabinet

Old, worn kitchen drawers - organizing system

modern country kitchen kitchens wooden drawers shelves

Stable kitchen furniture is reminiscent of ancient times

pine beams modern country kitchen

Cute kitchen equipment

modern country house kitchens pine wood

Old and conventional

sink shelves modern rustic kitchen

Stone and wood - the materials you need for a country kitchen

rustic country style natural stone kitchen island

  Red leather chairs contrast with the whole country house style here

red upholstered leather chairs dining table wooden beams modern country kitchens

Rustic sink

rustic kitchen cabinet kitchen back wall kitchen sink

Black, sophisticated wall design

smooth textures wood boards black surfaces

Blue, smooth kitchen cabinets - wall mirror with gilded frame

kitchen planning rustic furniture mirror ceiling light kitchen island sink

Fresh fruit on the dining table

daylight board stone wall design rustic wood panels

Black tiles - shiny kitchen back wall

textures wood kitchen back wall plate shelves tile black

Persian carpet works oriental here

carpet kitchen island sink warm colors wooden beams

  Like a grocery in the country

Weighing iron wood kitchen rustic board shelves

Worn and rural, the small kitchen looks here

wooden ceiling turquoise shelves drawers kitchen