Tupperware salad spinner: practical tips and alternative usage

Tupperware Salad Sling Advantages and Practical Tips Salad Sling Tupper

Alternative use for your salad spinner (Tupper)


When it comes to Tupperware, salad spinners and the like, the storage space, we think, is a very important topic. These are all useful things, but they cause so many headaches when it comes to making everything look good.

Do you agree?

Tupperware salad spinner

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What can be done to make the presence of such vessels only fun and enjoyable? We have an idea. We explain these vividly with the aid of salad slicers (Tupper). Here comes the recently popular and popular term into play: the double use.

Practical kitchen accessories

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Do you know that there are so many purposes for which you can use Tupperware salad slings? Take a look at our list? It may save you from many other items that you would otherwise have had to buy.

Salad spinner in action

tupperware salad spinner green white salad spinner tupper

Washing and drying herbs

Salad spinner (Tupper) is wonderful if you want to dry herbs. They throw these in, wash them in the sink, drip them off and they can be brought to the terrace. There you can let it dry.

Wash fruits and vegetables

tupperware salad slings grapes wash salad spinner tupper

Remove extra water from the pasta

Do you really need an extra container to drain the pasta? Certainly not! The salad spinner (Tupperware) is definitely enough!

Drain the pasta

tupperware salad spinner noodles drip salad spinner tupper

Wash beans

Rice may be too small to be washed in a salad spinner (Tupperware) before cooking. But the beans can certainly make you ready for cooking.

Wash berries

You can also wash the berries herewith. Actually, you are getting pretty close to the original function. After all, the latter can turn into a fruit salad.

You can also wash berries in a salad spinner

tupperware salad spinner fruit and vegetable wash salad spinner tupper

Wash vegetables

That's clear, you say! It's all about salad sprouts and vegetables ... Hm, yes, you're right, but we also mean something else - washing the vegetables before cooking.

Washing vegetables before cooking

tupperware salad spinner white salad recipes salad spinner tupper

to make dough

Do you want to bake your own bread? Why do not you take the salad spinner? A small amount fits perfectly. Also, the dough is easy to shape. You can also leave it there for some time.

Salad spinner - versatility and first aid in the kitchen

tupperware salad spinner salad spinner tupper

As a small washing machine ...

Have you ever thought of a small washing machine for everyday clothes or a swimsuit? Well, it is probably cheaper - you can easily buy a salad spinner (Tupper) more and so can wash some fine laundry there.

How about that?

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Tip: Buy several salad spinners (Tupper)

Many different conclusions can be drawn from the above, we think! One could be that it would probably be possible in terms of ergonomics to buy several salad spinners and use them for a variety of purposes. That's better, because you could put them together and put them on the shelf more easily. So everything is much simpler and more economical than buying Tupperware of different shapes, which could be much harder to put in one place.

Preparing fresh salad - so it is much easier

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And voila ...

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Practical and easy

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Keep in the kitchen cupboard

tupperware salad spinner in the kitchen cabinet keep salad spinner tupper

Tupperware in the test

tupperware salad spinner and kitchen accessories salad spinner tupper

Buy several salad spinners (Tupper)

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