Renovate the old kitchen – Give the kitchen area a new look!

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Renovate the old kitchen - Give the kitchen area a great new look!

Often you need a renovation in the kitchen and for several reasons. Sometimes the Fixelmittel is decades old. In other cases, the laminated surfaces and the linoleum floor are already too weathered.

Do not worry too much, because you can find very simple and fast solutions in these cases.

You can apply new accessories and innovative materials. These do not necessarily have to cost a lot, but they will bring your kitchen into the world of modernization.

Whether you live in your home for a long time or want to sell it, the next ten ideas will add much to the well-being in your kitchen.

1. Replace the old metals with modern alternative materials

The old kitchens were of course built with old materials. But nothing speaks in the renovation against the use of new and innovative means! This alone will give the kitchen a more up-to-date look.

Completely modern are the kitchen designs made of chrome, brushed aluminum, stainless steel. Nickel and copper. Try these materials in your kitchen! Other super chic solutions are the Gegenlicher and the wide covers.

 Modernize the kitchen by changing the old surfaces or texturesthe old kitchen renovate wood flooring fitted kitchen cabinet

2. Replace the old floor with modern materials

The floor is one of the often neglected area in the kitchen. But that must change if you want to provide your kitchen with a modern look. Because the floor ultimately occupies the entire kitchen area. Certainly the material makes the big difference!

For example, compare the traditional rolled vinyl or linoleum floor with an elastic material such as wood, tile or stone.

These materials will last longer and increase the value of your home. In recent years, many previously neglected materials have become popular again. This includes a kind of ceramic, which looks like wood, or about Traverline and slate.

3. Replace the upper cabinets with a sleek design

For decades this was super popular. New and new cabinets have been set up to store cutlery and other household items. At the time, this was also felt as something comfortable and comfortable.

Do you have such and you already find outdated? Then remove the cabinets and leave only the lower ones. Then the walls will look visually much larger and you can attach new paint. To stop closing the open space, insert open shelves and place decorative pieces and dishes on them.

You will be very surprised by the new look of your kitchen after these changes. It will be more practical and will bring you a lot of pleasure while watching.

Remove the wall cabinets

renovate the old kitchen white kitchen cabinet drawers sink

4.Refine the surfaces by using innovative materials

Table surfaces are another space-claiming element. These must therefore be installed very intelligently. On the market there is a very large selection of materials for the surfaces: resin, polymers, different variations of natural stone (marble, granite) and others. So you will not like a small selection.

In recent years, designers are becoming more and more creative. When designing the surfaces, materials are used which were previously used exclusively for structural constructions.

5. Integrate modern seating in the most busy area of ​​your kitchen.

It is your kitchen. More and more often she is called the "heart" of the house. This indicates their function as a social body. There they gather to cook together and enjoy the delicious food. Family life "pulsates" in the kitchen.

You do not have to look so close to the dining area with the modern kitchens. Do not design it as a cut-off zone, but distribute seats throughout the room. You can opt for bar stools or bar stools or about a bench or banquette by the window. All of these solutions can create a totally different atmosphere in the kitchen.

Now imagine how funny it will be with all your friends and relatives in the kitchen!

Place a sofa in the kitchen

the old kitchen renovate wood flooring dining table chair pillar

6. New, energy-saving appliances instead of the old kitchen equipment 

Let's face the truth: We live in the time of saving resources and that must be felt in your kitchen too.

The energy efficient appliances should replace the old ones and bring modern style into your kitchen. It will also be a good investment financially for you, because the bills are now noticeably smaller.

Consider also the replacement of sanitary facilities. The taps with low pressure can save you a lot of problems. These can be used both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. There are also touch-free technologies. In those the watercourse can be activated without touching. This helps against the spread of bacteria at home. You should also consider installing some temperature sensors. Save your money and the resources of the earth.

7. Painted kitchen cabinets in modern colors

Paint the cabinets in modern colors. You love your kitchen, but do you want to make it a bit more modern? Then do this by easily accomplishing this with a new color. You can paint, paint or even replace the door of kitchen cabinets with new ones. So you can renew the kitchen with a small sum. There are also many "faux" surfaces for both the walls and the kitchen cabinets. But why do not you start your own artisan project in the kitchen? You can bring in relaxed colors, glass surfaces and creative color ranges. Your efforts will certainly pay off and your cabinets will look brand new.

Paint the surfaces of the kitchen cabinets

the old kitchen renovate white kitchen cabinet modern attractive

8. Install new lighting

Once you have renewed the large elements of your kitchen, you should also replace the lighting. The bright kitchen means more safety, nicer atmosphere and variety. Have you ever been tormented by roof lighting in the kitchen? Look for solutions for built-in lighting or "can light". Thus, you create a practical and modern kitchen area. Also look for dim light switches. So you can change the lighting according to the occasion and mood. The kitchen will then look different depending on the occasion and the ambience may be suitable for cooking, entertaining or relaxing. Even at the midnight breakfast, you can create something special.

Contrasts lights over the kitchen island are also very popular. A very special atmosphere is achieved by the illuminated kitchen work surfaces and chandeliers. These are also great options for adaptive lighting options.

Update the kitchen facility

the old kitchen renovate wood flooring white surfaces

9. Add decorative elements

Do you want to turn your kitchen into a place for pasting decorative elements? You can make the room very individual and make it unbelievably beautiful.

Did you also think about shelves with plants above the kitchen shelves? These can be further complemented by works of art, sculptures and other decorative elements.

Built-in shelves under the kitchen island can also show many memorabilia and about your favorite cookbooks. The inherited Chinese sets, which have been handed down over several generations, are also fitting there. It is probably missing only a flower vase and maybe a bowl of lemon or lime. These will bring more freshness and originality to your kitchen.

10. Enlarge your kitchen by "knocking down" walls

For the older kitchens, the fragmentary and many box-containing space is very typical. If you are looking for a more open feeling and want to connect the cooking area to the dining room, consider knocking down doors and walls.

Be careful! You should not use this solution on any load-bearing walls. Otherwise you endanger the construction of the building. Through this method, the kitchen can be enlarged or you can contribute to more openness between the different rooms.

If your kitchen looks fabulous, how will it be without the walls? However, you should consult with an architect before moving on to such a solution.

Make the kitchen look bigger and remove the partitions

the old kitchen renovate stone wall idea pendant lights cook stove

With these simple tips your kitchen can be completely transformed and modernized. Customize everything according to your taste.

Maybe you can adapt one of these ideas or you will be inspired for a completely new, own solution. We are happy if we could help.

The possibilities are very much and can be simple or very creative

The old kitchen redecorate black kitchen cabinet wood painted whiteIf your kitchen looks fabulous, how will it be without the walls?

The old kitchen redecorate black kitchen cabinet sink dining area

Dark kitchen cabinets - striking hanging lamps

The old kitchen renovate pendant lights black kitchen surface cabinet

Large kitchen area - wooden equipment

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Kitchen modernization gives the room a fresh look

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Classic elements and modern accents combined in onethe old kitchen refurbish metal chairs island table top recessed cabinet