Design Kitchen Island – 8 steps to follow

Kitchen island fashion wood open shelves pots roll plates

Extra kitchen counter for your cooking area

Any home remodeling proves to be one of the most complicated tasks for the homeowner, either complete or not. Actually, we come up with this idea if we want to change or improve something at home. Many of us start with the kitchen.

While kitchen cabinets and kitchen appliances look like child's play, the redesign is based on the whole kitchen design.

How about the kitchen island that you have long wanted?

Plan your new kitchen island and then get to work. Create the perfect countertop in your kitchen! Note the details if you want to design a kitchen island. Adjust their size to the room size.

Determine the main purpose
Design kitchen island

Kitchen island fashion wood factual countertop stool

In keeping with your household, your cooking skills, the kitchen island should be an essential part in the kitchen. Usually it is in the middle of the room and serves as a meeting place for the family.

Choose the perfect size

Kitchen island fashion wood factual countertop bar stool

Each kitchen has different size and design. Choose the optimal kitchen island for your own home and pay attention to the things that it will keep (storage space, appliances, kitchen utensils)

Organize storage space

Kitchen island fashion wood factual shelves dishes dishes

If you like to bake, you will need more space for mixing cups, pans, cake pans, decorative elements. If your family consists of 4 or more members, you can create a play area on the kitchen island. Something like a game board for example.

Styles and designs

Kitchen island fashion wooden hanging lamps metallic

Imagine the whole look, style and ambiance in your kitchen. If your kitchen has shelves instead of kitchen cabinets, you can equip the kitchen island with extra storage space. Those of you who want to exhibit interesting collections or striking things can choose a focal point.

Consider the seat, the indoor toilet and the electrical appliances

Kitchen island fashion wood factual bench cushions drawers

Do you have extra seats for quick meals in the kitchen? How do you like the bar stools? A bar sink or electrical outlets for your kitchen appliances will help you to cook. The laundry room is especially important for kitchen items such as dishwashers and sinks. Microwave dishes and iceboxes are a very important ingredient in your home and the wine cooler can serve as an eye-catcher.

Unite the entire interior with the kitchen island

Kitchen island shape tile kitchen back wall mosaic

Do not forget your kitchen island should be well combined with all the interior design and ambience. Installing small, architectural details means achieving small carved designs or soothing color palettes.

Choose textures

Kitchen island shape surfaces textures around chandelier

Mix bright, radiant colors in a neutral color scheme. Stand on clean lines and simple shapes. Opt for classic textures that are always in fashion.

Check everything again

Kitchen island make wood traditionally warm

If you want to plan and design your kitchen all by yourself without the help of a designer or architect, check the design again. Avoid mistakes and plan everything within your budget.

Daylight illuminates our kitchen island here

Kitchen island shape tiles hanging lamps ball

Living and dining area connected in one

Kitchen island design living room lounge armchair coffee table

Rustic and colorful

Kitchen island shape painted purple baskets sink tile flooring

Warm wood textures

Kitchen island fashion wood contemporary stool plate

Very factual, traditional design

Kitchen island shape wood textures warm ambiente

Minimalist and open  Kitchen island shape wood open shelves rinse

Refrigerator for fresh fruits and vegetables

Kitchen island fashion wood refrigerator marble surfaces

Massive, sustainable Textures of combined wood

Kitchen island fashion wood dining table with chairs kitchen cabinet

Shine and charm

Kitchen island shape ceiling lighting modern kitchen

DIY painted kitchen island in pink

Kitchen island fashion wood ceiling lighting feminine furnishing

Very functional dining table serves as a kitchen island in this kitchen area

Kitchen island designed wood countertop simple DIY

Refined, smooth surfaces - modern apartment

Kitchen island design tile white glossy decor

Mosaic kitchen back wall catches the eye here

Kitchen island design tile kitchen back wall mosaic