Great sink designs – 43 great ideas for your sink

great rinse designs fancy steel faucet

Great sink designs - 43 great ideas for your sink

 For those of you who want to redesign or redesign your kitchen, we've come up with some great ideas for sink designs. Nowadays, the solutions for your kitchen sink are more advanced and multi-faceted than before. The practicality plays a special role and elements such as cutting surfaces, filters and extra deep and wide side surfaces are an absolute must.

All you need to do is use a beautiful faucet of your choice, and in the years to come, you no longer have to worry about your sink. Whether minimalist or cheesy, oval, round, or square, there is something for every taste. You can find a variety of materials such as metal, ceramic, terracotta or steel. The color palette is just as varied - from natural colors over pastel to celadon green and deep orange. Just look at the following rinses and be inspired and gain fresh insights.

Double kitchen sink with plenty of side surface and steel grate for dripping

great rinse designs sophisticated form with steel grate for washing

Which design fits best with your kitchen equipment, your attitude, your taste? Are you more the romantic or the practical type? Or you see yourself more as the passionate cook or the housewife who does not see the kitchen as a duty.

Take your time and allow us to help you with the planning.

Two-stage basin and beautiful spiral tap

Great rinse designs two steps spiral faucet

Gray nuances and marble look

great rinse designs wavy basin gray nuances

Tile mirror made of glass and elongated kitchen sink

great rinse designs white plastic surface elegant

The faucet is reminiscent of a shower made of shiny steel

Great rinse designs faucet in the shape of a cone

Rustic atmosphere - stone wall, cherry wood and massive ornamental basin

Great Rinse Designs Vintage Flair Cherrywood Cabinets

All in white and light gray - washbasin and faucet with matt finish

great rinse steel and plastic with marble look

Two basins in different sizes, kitchen mirrors made of mint green glass

great rinse designs celadon green glass two basins

Chic design in celadon green with a colander

great rinse designs celadon green basin and vase

Asian flair - with cutting board and additional container

Great rinse very practical and elegant Asian style

The smooth surface mirrors all objects around the gray, square basin

great rinse designs black reflective surface ceramic square basin in gray

Gray nuance and black dishes

Great rinse designs plain in work gray with metallic sheen

Metallic shine and sand colored tiles

great rinse designs sand colored tile shiny metal

Sleek design in cream and beautiful cherry wood cabinets in a rustic style

Great Rinse Designs Rustic Cherrywood Cabinets

Everything round and elegant

Great rinse designs round and shiny crescent cutting boards

Matt shiny steel and square shape

great flush designs square matt steel

White faucet and glossy kitchen mirror in claret

great rinse designs practical utensils for cutting and washing

Great mid-century atmosphere

Great rinse designs surface with marble look antique faucet

Practical and ultra-modern in orange

great rinse modernist faucet steel grate for drying

Black, white and gray - for the classic lovers

great rinse with lots of cutting area tiny gray tiles

Old-fashioned, but fresh and clean - light wood and white ceramics

great rinse with century-old flair of ceramic

Small but nice with drip strainer and chopping board

great rinse with wooden cutting surface and sieve

Gray shading and straight lines - a chic, minimalist design

great rinse minimalistic shiny geometric shapes

Simple faucet in black and pastel red tiles

great rinse minimalist very simple faucet and cardinal red tiles

Antique brass faucet

Great rinse designs marble topping black ceramic

A feast for the eyes of copper and shiny steel

Great rinse copper oval basin marble side surface

Beautiful, floral ornaments on kitchen sink and tile mirror

Great rinse designs coppery with beautiful ornaments

Filigree ornaments on the white ceramic

Great rinse designs Italian style floral ornaments antique faucet

Fancy faucet and double basin

great rinse ultra-modern steel black marble

Light gray in antique look and shiny gold faucet

great rinse golden faucet gray vanity units

Elegant and practical with fine bar counter made of walnut wood

Great rinse smooth lines shiny and cherry wood

Sun-yellow kitchen mirror and white base cabinets

great rinse quite simply made of aluminum shiny

Dining table and kitchen sink in one - stylish and noble

Great rinse designs built in with plenty of stowage space through vanity units

Cylindrical faucet and square basin - side surface with marble look in dark gray

great rinses made of shiny steel fine cylindrical faucet

An additional crack on the sink facilitates cleaning

great rinse of steel lime surface

Very classic - two pelvis with oval shape

great rinse wide side surface and two basins

  Vintage faucet and ceramic basin in whitegreat rinses twice completely classic ceramic

Built-in sink and shower-like faucet

great flush built-in metal sink with plenty of stauplatz

Elegant recessed lights and smooth white surfaces

great flush shower-like faucet bright white recessed lights

Shiny steel sink - installed in a solid walnut wood panel

great rinse aluminum and walnut wood

Retrodesign - copper and marble

Great rinse old-fashioned copper sand-colored tiles

Salmon colored faucet with antique flair

great rinse designs ancient copper sink salmon colored faucet