Enjoy tropical fruits and exotic vegetables

tropical fruits exotic rambutan

Tropical fruits and vegetables to admire

In times of globalization, it is hardly surprising anyone anymore which particular shape or packaging a product has on the market or in business. Nevertheless, sometimes we sigh with great surprise when we notice something out of the ordinary. This is the case, for example, when we discover tropical fruits and especially those we have never seen before.

They have unusual profile, different texture and are a feast of colors for the eyes. Many of them also have a specific scent and attract the palate. These unknown treasures from the tropics seduce and simply do not give us any chance to defend ourselves. We almost feel like little kids who have seen a new, whimsical gift on the toy shelf and absolutely want it.

The Cupuaçu fruit was also called Great Bloom Cocoa

tropical fruits Cupuaçu large-flowered cocoa

We have researched and collected 25 unconventional, tropical fruits and vegetables for you. They have strange-sounding names and a special appearance. These exotics enchant and want to tell us from far away places. Many of them have called the Europeans with adapted words that we can easily understand better. Unconsciously you always compare and try to translate something strange and inexplicable into your own language.

Kiwano, pickled cucumber or horn melon

kiwano horn cucumber horn melon. Tropical fruits

But when it comes to taste, you do not necessarily have to compare. You can just give your palate freedom and let it fall. Discover what is behind these exotic pieces. Be open to the unknown and taste the variety of tropical fruits and vegetables you will find on the market. And who knows, maybe you can enjoy them directly at their local places. Be confident, the next holiday is coming!

The akebie is also known as blue-crayon vine

tropical fruits akebie bluegrass vine

Annatto or Achote

tropical fruits annatto achote

The fruit of the buriti palm is called laranja nut

tropical fruits buriti palm laranja nut

The chirimoya tastes a bit like pear

exotic fruits cherimoya

The Chinese taro belongs to the family of lemons

exotic fruits chinese taro yellow

Durian is also known as stink fruit

tropical fruits durian stink fruit

Did you try Romanesco?

tropical fruits vegetable types romanesco

Sweet potato comes in different shades

tropical fruits vegetables batate sweet potato

We have cultivated the pomegranate for a long time

exotic fruits pomegranate

The guarana fruit is recommended as a coffee substitute

tropical fruits guarana energy fruit

The Jabuticaba is also called Brazilian grapes

tropical fruits jabuticaba fruit

The jackfruit is also known under the name Jakobsfrucht

exotic fruit jackfruit

The dark green kaffir lime

tropical fruits kaffir lime

The nuts of the Lansium tree

exotic fruits lansium tree

Here, the Lychee fruits are consumed primarily as juice

tropical fruit lychee fruit peel

The unusual mangosteen

tropical fruit mangostin peel fruit

The getting used to momordica

exotic fruits momordica

This majestic fruit is called Pandan

exotic fruit pandan fruit exotic

Pink Dragon Fruit - also known as Pitahaya or Pitaya

tropical fruits pitahaya pitaya dragon fruit

The prickly fruits of the Salakpalme

tropical fruits salak fruit salakpalme

The black sapote tastes of chocolate

tropical fruits black sapote chocolate apple tree

The carambola, which we call star fruit, reminds us of Christmas

tropical fruit star fruit carambola