Knife magnetic strip: So you have all kitchen knives in view

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Magnetic strip for knives


The order in the kitchen is particularly important for every ordinary housewife and every cooking professional can appreciate it, and not without reason. Because kitchen order saves time and substantially facilitates the kitchen work.

But what about you?

Do you also strive for perfection in your kitchen?

Cooking is art and creative confusion "at work" is sometimes possible, but if the 3-course dinner is already served, impeccable order should reign in the kitchen. That's why we've thought of handy "kitchen gadgets" that could fix the countertop in an instant. And we find that Knife Magnetsleise can contribute a lot, right?

The knife magnetic strip is part of the practical kitchen accessories

Knife magnetic strip space-saving kitchen accessories

Why one? Knife magnetic strip? So this kitchen accessory has some advantages that should not be underestimated.

The storage of knives (and other kitchen utensils) with a magnetic strip is a clever idea that saves valuable space on the kitchen worktop. This is a very important advantage if you have a small kitchen. This is how you make optimal use of the wall surface and always have an overview of the kitchen knives.

kitchen utensils

Knife Magnetic Bar Wood Kitchen Utensils Kitchen Utensils

The modern Knife magnetic strip has a simple design that can spice up your kitchen wall. Sometimes colorful, sometimes elegant stainless steel or clad in wood and not always in the form of a bar - the storage of kitchen knives has never been so stylish and varied.

A clever storage option for kitchen knives

Eva Solo knife magnetic strip around practical kitchen utensils

A circular piece for every single knife. This is the modern version of the magnetic strip.

Magnet with red surface 

round knife magnetic strip red kitchen accessories

Magna knife bar


Magna round knife magnetic strip kitchen accessory

Elegant design in soft pink

Magna round knife magnetic strip pink kitchen accessories

Knife magnets clad in wood 

Knife Magnetic Strip Round Kitchen Utensils Kitchen Utensils

"At the magnetic strip you have the various knives in the Essenzubereiten in view and quickly at hand," describes the furniture manufacturer and living expert IKEA the "need" of a Magnetic noise for knives in every household.

Use a subtle color accent in the kitchen - a handmade magnetic strip made of colored raw steel and black walnut wood

Magnetic strip for kitchen utensils LumberJac blue

Or in red

Magnetic strip for kitchen utensils LumberJac red

Magnetic strip for knives Kitchen utensils Kitchen accessories

Magnetic strip for the rustic kitchen
Magnetic strip for knives Kitchen accessories Kitchen shelves Wood

Knife wooden strip without magnet
Knife Magnetic Bar Practical Kitchen Utensils Kitchen Utensils

Knife magnetic strip kitchen accessories rustic kitchen equipment

Knife magnetic strip Knife on the kitchen wall Kitchen accessories Knife magnetic strip kitchen accessories white kitchen tiles

Funny kitchen utensils - colored magnetic strip for knives 

Knife Magnetic Strip Funny Kitchen Utensils Colorful Kitchenware