55 Cheap garden ideas: Create a beautiful garden with little money!

Although not everything is flourishing and here and there are still strong showers to be expected, one thing is certain: The Winter Kingdom is definitely over! We want to spend more time in the fresh air and fill up with spring energy. Above all, our garden offers a welcome affair. After the long winter, however, this needs to be designed a little more neat and cozy. But do not worry about it! It does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money again. You can do it pretty sparingly. That's why we have 55 affordable garden ideas ready for you today, perfect for those on a tight budget.

diy garden ideas cheap old wooden boxes pots daffodils hyacinth

Optimal use of natural resources

Compost heap would be a very good idea. This not only saves waste costs, but above all expensive and harmful fertilizers, while at the same time helping the purse and nature. Make sure you also get a rain barrel so you can catch rainwater for watering. Potting soil can even be obtained for free from the next construction site and not just at the hardware store.

Prefer natural materials

Plasters look great and are extremely durable. But these are one of the biggest cost factors in the garden design ever. Gravel and gravel would be cost-effective alternatives, which are also completely permeable to water. In order to create a smooth floor covering with it, you only need to remove the upper soil layer slightly and then compact the soil with a vibrating plate. Then just a plastic fleece and gravel come on it. Finished!

flagstones boulders garden plants for cheap garden design

Individual garden paths can also be landscaped with gravel or even with field stones. To make walking easier, you can also place some smooth stone slabs in it.

Organic materials such as wood chop and mulch are relatively cheap and are great for landscaping beds and garden paths. Make sure you have a stable border with stones. The only drawback: These materials rot over time and should be refilled from time to time.

Casual nature look is always trendy

A beautiful garden does not necessarily look like a professional magazine. This can also be natural and casual. Create a small garden pond and put on plants and flowers that are sturdy and winterproof. Herbs and spices such as lavender, yarrow, rosemary and thyme are especially recommended. Leek species and lady's mantle are another successful choice in low-priced garden design.

Thyme and natural stones in the garden

Right now in the spring, it is the right time to enrich your hedges without any money - for example with Weigelie, Forsythie or Currants. Simply cut off a few sticks and put them in the ground. Nature will do the rest for you. All you have to do is water regularly.

Upcycling garden ideas spare budgets and the environment

And yes! Garden furniture and garden decoration can cost a lot of money in many cases, but not necessarily. Upcycling is the magic word. Because almost every used object is ideally suited to the construction or design of a piece of furniture or Dekoaccessoires. Take a look around in the basement or at flea markets near you. You'll find plenty of old wooden chairs, ladders, watering cans and even shoes, rubber boots or suitcases and bags that you can easily turn into original flower stands or planters. The used tires do not need to be disposed of immediately. From this you can make swings, planters and funny animal figures.

Do not forget the good old Euro pallets and wine boxes in your garden design! With little expenditure of time, it is possible to build great and functional garden furniture.

Just let your imagination run wild and be inspired by our picture gallery with original, simple and above all favorable garden ideas!

garden ideas with europallets stool home textiles

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