Garden fencing – 20 examples of home-made garden fences

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Garden fencing – 20 remarkable examples of how to make your garden fence

Do you have a beautiful garden that you are proud of?

Often we give you advice about gardening and landscaping. Something important is us but omitted. The garden fence is also crucial when it comes to the overall picture of the garden.

This plays the role of a practical privacy screen and sets the real boundaries of your garden area. So the garden fence has a very practical use, but can be designed very creative. As part of the complete garden design, it should correspond to the garden style and complete it masterfully.

Take a look at the following versatile photo examples and be inspired. With a little effort and patience, you can also create a creative and remarkable garden fencing.

Building a garden fence yourself – be inspired by the following examples!

Gartenzaungestaltung garden ideas garden borders determine outdoor area design

A living garden fence will give your garden vitality. Of course this requires much more attention, care and patience, but the end effect is worth it, right? What do you mean? This evergreen hedge is nicely decorated with a small statue, which we just love.

Living garden fence – evergreen hedge with a integrated small statue

garden decoration garden ideas living fence hedge statue

Build wooden garden fence yourself

garden decoration outdoor area design garden protection ideas wooden beams

Color insert – flash pink in the garden

gardening and landscaping garden fence paint color ideas pink

Garden fencing, which also pleases your cat

garden landscaping garden fence wood building yourself

 Garden privacy shield made of wood

garden fencing garden protection wood garden fence lawn

How can you build a garden fence yourself? Use old everyday items that will give your garden a special, shabby chic style. Possible building materials are europallets, shutters, old wooden doors, tubes, used sheet metal plates and etc.

Build wooden garden fence yourself

garden fence yourself build europallets gardening ideas

More creative ideas for garden fencing

Gartenzungestaltung garden ideas garden fence itself make old front doors

Patchwork garden fence

Garden fence garden garden protection garden fence build yourself

Fix planters to the garden fence

garden decoration garden ideas garden protection deco idea plants

Wood and ivy

garden decoration garden protection wooden beams living fence ivy

Make a patchwork garden fence from Euro pallets

Garden fence made of europallets garden fence itself make colorful wooden beams

Turn colorful shutters into a creative garden fence

garden fence make garden fence itself make colorful shutters

Colorful garden fence

make garden fence yourself make colorful wooden beams

Paint wooden fence artfully

garden fence wood prank ideas garden protection deco ideas

Or let the wooden beams in their natural color nuance

make garden fence yourself wooden beam garden decoration design dining area

Relaxed and hidden from prying eyes

garden fence garden design garden protection lounge garden furniture

Wooden fence with storage space for flower pots

make garden fence yourself wooden beams garden decoration potted plants

Old roasted tubes full of succulents

garden decoration garden protection ideas tubes succulents