Front Garden Ideas – 20 Inspirational Examples for You

Designing the front yard can be a challenge. We have published many articles about garden design and landscaping and in this section you can find many fresh ideas about it. But we pay special attention to the garden design today.

Carefully maintain your front yard, because the outdoor area in front of your house represents your personality and makes the first impression on your guests and the passers-by.

We have some interesting ones for you Front yard design ideas ready to help make your forecourt original and impressive. Take a look at it and choose this example that will suit your garden best. Refresh your outdoor area and prepare for the coming spring and summer seasons.

Inviting atmosphere in front of the front door – make a positive first impression

gardening gardening ideas trees plant veranda fence

Our first suggestion is colorful and funny. Plant colorful flowers and evergreens that will guide you to your front door.

 Plant flowers with vivid colors bon either side of the paving stones on

gardening garden design ideas way paving stones native plants

Play with the forms. The path leading to your front door should not necessarily be straightforward. Rounded shapes are more harmonious and eye-catching. Let yourself be inspired by the art of Henri Matisse, who has skilfully played with the forms.

A winding path leads to the front door

gardening gardening ideas path stones planting shapes

 Front garden design idea with hedge. The hedge can serve as a living fence or as a “signpost”

gardening examples gardening ideas hedge fence made of wood

 Shapes and colors – the two components of a work of art

gardening examples gardening ideas native plants flowers

A fountain in the front yard. We leave this idea without comment, because the front garden in the following picture leaves us speechless.

 A private fountain in the front yard – our favorite example

gardening fountain in the garden ideas

If you have a large front garden, you could design a garden pond and immediately a cozy relaxation corner.

 Garden pond with water plants

landscaping courtyard landscaping garden design ideas garden pond pool aquatic plants

Less is more. Follow this advice and you would design a stylish and minimalist front yard.

A strange wooden house facade with a green front garden

gardening lawn plants wood house garden design ideas examples

Wooden veranda with rounded edges and pebble edging, perfectly completed by a well manicured lawn

garden design examples wooden floor veranda pebbles lawn

 An original front garden design idea – Arrange the paving stones diversified

gardening landscaping gardening ideas away paving stones

 Create a dynamic structure – this is the charm of a beautiful front garden

garden design lawn plants gardening ideas

 Minimalist and well cared for – the lawn needs regular care, which is worthwhile

lawn plant garden simple garden design ideas

 Evergreen plants will keep your front yard fresh all year long

lawn paving stones evergreen plants simple garden design ideas

 Some might find this front garden design boring, but we find it stylish, minimalist and neatly designed

lawn paving stones plants simple gardening ideas ideas examples

Let grass grow between the stones. This will create a vibrant and vibrating structure that will caress your feet as you walk barefoot.

 Create a unique carpet for your outdoor area

garden shape stones grass flowers relaxation corner

 Variety of green shades provides depth and supersaturation

garden shape fence white green harmoniously arranged

 Climbing plants are a brilliant idea. Look at this red ivy. Is not he great?

gardening ideas ideas examples entrance door climbing plants

 Plants and flowers in front of the entrance conjure a smile on the face

garden design ideas examples entrance door stones plant landscaping

Fresh and green in the front yard

garden design ideas path stones plants trees landscaping

That was our 20 Front yard design ideas and examples. Hopefully you could also use some of them in your garden. Enjoy the spring time and take the chance to refresh your outdoor and indoor area. We will help you with clever tips.

gardening ideas ideas planting examples