25 tips and tricks on how to redesign your terrace

small terrace shape ideas outdoor furniture potted plants green oasis of well-being

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Certainly, those of you who read our publications often realize that we have published something about terrace designs again today. But how can you have enough of it in the summer?

Creating a terrace, decorating it and turning it into an oasis of well-being - how it works ...

terrace design ideas rustic rattan furniture wooden floor

Not at all! So, if you did not find your way around in our previous terrace design ideas, then maybe you could draw some inspiration from them here.

Sustainable terrace design ideas

small patio shape rustic wood furniture outdoor furniture wood

What do you have to consider when designing the terrace from the beginning?

First, you need to be prepared for all your creativity and imagination to come into use. But for that to work, you do not have to lose sight of your main goals. You want to have the opportunity to spend a maximum of space in the outdoor area. You have to feel well and happy.

Also, you will spend many great moments with your friends and acquaintances there. It has to be comfortable there, do not you think?

Plan your oasis of well-being outdoors!

terrace design ideas roof terrace potted plants green oasis of well-being

Defining the two endpoints in terrace design

Now we want to visualize the things that everyone should remember. They would need to position the most attractive place to sit farthest from the house, but within the patio while designing them. So you have two great counterpoints and within this frame you can fill the room with other great items.

Terrace with 2 seating areas - dining area and relaxation area

small terrace design ideas sustainable building lawn carpet

Determine the function

The terrace can actually subordinate various functions. These should be in balance with the exterior design and the surrounding landscape. Consider a children's playground, fireplace and an open entertainment area.

Small green oasis in the courtyard

small terrace shape rustic rattan furniture potted greenery oasis of well-being

Pergola and entertainment zone

Do you have a larger terrace? Design these within different zones. To do this, you can consider pergola or zones of entertainment to get closer to this purpose.

The wooden pergola on the roof terrace

small terrace shape ideas holzpegola roof terrace

Lattice, decorative fences and stone wall

Do you want more privacy? For privacy reasons, consider using one of these options. That would really spice up the mood within your outdoor area.

Green living garden fence

terrace design ideas garden furniture potted plants green oasis of well-being

Sun and shade

These two elements are equally good and important in terrace design. You must therefore also provide for this. The best would be the entanglements, which let you play between the two.

Parasols, awnings and other constructions that you can pull and take away are quite appropriate.

The role of terrace protection should not be underestimated

small terrace shape rustic wooden floor potted plants screen

Materials for terrace design

Here is also a short overview of the materials that could be used for terracing. You also need to consider which one best suits your specific conditions. Also do not forget that it is essential that the material also fits the house facade.

The most preferred solutions are brick, concrete, stone veneer, stone.

Small wooden terrace

small terrace shape rustic wooden floor wood furniture wellness oasis

garden furniture

Last but not least, garden furniture is also important when designing terraces. You must be both comfortable and of long stamina. Both are equally important. You do not have to spend a lot of money on it. There are also many great variants of pallets.

Garden furniture in solid wood

small patio shape coffee table solid wood potted greenery oasis

But if you also want to invest in more luxurious options, you would not be wrong. Because the pleasure of sitting in the garden and enjoying the evenings in the open air is priceless.

Wicker furniture is trendy

small terrace shape roof terrace holzpergola wohlfühloase

"Small but beautiful" - this motto also applies to the terrace design

small terrace shape wooden floor laying potted green terrace

Cozy terrace of a townhouse 

small terrace design wood furniture potted plants summer well-being oasis

Potted plants on the balcony

small terrace shape wood furniture potted plants oasis of well-being

Bring space-saving folding furniture for use

small terrace make practical folding furniture chairs feel-good oasis

Terrace design in a rustic style

small terrace shape rustic garden furniture swing oasis of well-being

Chic garden furniture in Oriental style and rattan pendant lights

small terrace shape rustic furniture oriental style

Clever tips for the design of the small terrace

small terrace decorate rustic wooden furniture green deco products

Simple wooden furniture in country style

small patio shape rustic wooden furniture potted plants

Make the small terrace simple and functional

small terrace shape rustic wooden furniture potted greenery oasis of well-being

Vertical garden on the terrace

small terrace shape rustic wooden furniture potted plants vertical garden

Decorative pillow in fresh summer colors

small patio shape rustic rattan furniture potted plants

Discover the potential of the small balcony and make the most of it

small terrace design seat cushion potted plants oasis of well-being

Create and enjoy the rural atmosphere

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